PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

It’s time to give DMRs a try

Unlike the PC community, the mobile community doesn't really like designated marksman rifles (DMRs), but these things are heavily underrated and as an SKS man myself, you can take my word for it.

DMRs can be divided into three based on the ammo they use:

7.67 DMRs: SKS, SLR, MK14. MK14 is the best for obvious reasons but its an airdrop exclusive. SLR is as powerful as MK14, but doesn't have full auto mode. SKS is the easiest to find and can be customised using attachments.

5.56 DMRs:Mini14, Mk12, QBU. These aren't as powerful as the 767 DMRs, but not only re they very accurate, they support rapid tapping and are better for very distant targets due to their low bullet drop. There's no clear best among 5.56 DMRs, but I consider the Mini14 the best as it has the second fastest bullet speed in the game (1st is AWM), meaning its ridiculously accurate and can clear long range targets with ease due to almost zero bullet drop.

The main problem mobile users have with DMRs is that unlike Bolt Action Rifles, the rewards doesn't seem to match the risk of using them: Bolt action rifles reward perfect shots with knocks. DMRs don't. DMRs however give you the accuracy and damage of snipers and the fast reflexes of ARs.

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DMRs (especially the 7.67 ones) have high recoil when tapped rapidly, so you will need a lot of recoil control. Also, because there's no instant knock and you need several shots, you'll need to be able to follow and shoot the target when they start running , so increase the sensitivity of your big scopes. Also, if a DMR supports attachment, the best attachment is the light grip. Light grip is designed specifically for DMRs and does two things: maintains stability while running with an open scope and reduces the muzzle jump after the first tap , which essentially let's you do two quick taps with almost no recoil. Vertical grip is also an alternative as it reduces vertical recoil


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