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Just some thoughts on where Tencent is at re: cheating

Content of the article: "Just some thoughts on where Tencent is at re: cheating"

Howdy fellas.

Been thinking about the cheat review system and how it’s telling where Tencent is at with the cheat situation.

First – I know it’s impossible to detect certain hacks, Sharpshooter’s devs for example are quite a few steps ahead in the anti-cheat detection race. In an ideal world, Tencent would find a way to detect an non-official client and cut access to loading in if detected, in the same way that banned users cannot get passed their ban message screen.

Second, they’re overwhelmed. They simply cannot handle all the cheat reports coming in. The truth is, they shouldn’t have to. They got themselves in such a huge mess by overlooking the cheat pandemic (like Fall Guys on PC has done, too), and now it’s out of control. Remedy – turn to the community.

But here’s the fuckup. Thousands applied to help out, and that banned list that came out this week? It was fucking weak. A drop in the ocean with the amount of cheaters out there. How many users got approved? 10?

There’s been no transparency. It went from “introducing the video review” to “the video review station is live” to “hey here’s a list containing less than 500 people there’s guys helped us ban”. Like – wtf? Let people know that they were declined, and why. Let people know that they should try again after being rejected. Let people know how many are helping out.

The truth is – you can cheat. Any of the paid hacks out there is miles ahead of where cheat detection is. And the smartest of the smart are playing – smart. They’re looking away from players’ ESP stuff until they hear footsteps, for example. Anyone that got caught cheating via the video review system deserved it. The top cheats – those you see on the top of the leaderboards – they know what to do.

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Also, this whole “user has been marked as suspicious and will be monitored” is bullshit. It’s a nice way of saying “the user will not be banned”. I have never once gone from user is suspicious to banned. We even tested it, all the legit players in our 6 man crew reported each other, and all got the suspicious message in their reports page. Yet, all my ban reports that were confirmed were pretty fuckin instant – almost immediately after reporting. So how does that work – and why? Can we get an explanation?

Look – all power to Tencent for making a billion dollar app, and milking it. But fuck, some transparency to the loyalists in the community would be really fucking nice. Don’t just pat the youtubers with a billion views on the head and reward them, think of the others too. We want to help out. I wouldn’t mind sitting for 3 hours a day reviewing videos. I’ve been to Ace and Conq various times from S2 to S14, and others have too of course, and we’re all being told to fuck off by Tencent – a company that’s literally turned to their community to help dig them out of a massive shit hole, yet silently rejects them when they offer their time.

Tl:dr – cheating is still going to happen, and there’s no path to stopping them.

Edit: by the way, why the hell is the notification on the Prime Crown removed for daily collections in the new UI?


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