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Just Tell Some Truth about a Most Popular Hack

Content of the article: "Just Tell Some Truth about a Most Popular Hack"

Since most of the post in this subreddit is talking about the cheaters, even some people start to tell conspiracy like Tecent sells the hack. Let me tell some truth that I know about one most popular hack. All written by hands, please upvote if you find it helpful.

1~6 tell the history of the hack, and 7~12 tell how the hack works.

  1. Most hacks you see in the game is developed by a Chinese team. You can easily found their forum by searching with google.
  2. This hack is not easy to be detected. If you don't report, Tecent will never know he's cheating. That's why it's so important for cheaters to pretend not to hack.
  3. The hack is not permanent. The price is like 300RMB($43) per month. It's not cheap, but affordable for most people.
  4. This team is knocked by Tecent and CCP in June.2020. Some Chinese dealers are arrested. This is a great event in China, since a lot of streamers get their accounts banned and lose their jobs..
  5. After the event, the team decided to move out of the China and leave the Chinese market. The main target customers became international player. It's SEASON14 at that time, and that's propably why the hack increases a lot in SEASON14 and after that.
  6. This team's forum have a Arabic sub that have really detailed instruction about how to use the hack, written in Arabic. That's probably why there are so many Arab cheaters.
  7. The function of the hack includes auto-aim, no recoil and X-ray version. The bullet can't go through the wall, you feel like it because of the damage delay caused by cheater's high ping.
  8. Use X-ray to know where you are —–> Use auto-aim to lock the target —–> Use no recoil to fire. That's mainly how hacks work.
  9. The "no recoil" is not completely eliminating the recoil. Cheater needs to write a configure script to control it. That's why gun with naturally low recoil like DP-28 and M416 is so popular.
  10. The auto-aim will auto adjust your aim if your enemy is in a certain range, not globally. As a result, unless a pro-hacker, the auto-aim can't help while firing at a high-speed car or in CQC.
  11. So unless you have an awm with excellent sniper skills, don't peak when you know enemy is a cheater. You could camp, or rushing them with a car if there are not many enemies.
  12. The hacks are more like a helper tool instead of directly change the data or something. That's why the hack is not easily detectable, but not invincible.
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About Me: a legal player on NA server. I never cheat and haven't played compatitive since SEASON14. All the information are collected from my Chinese friend, news and the forum. I avoid mention the team or forum's name because I don't want to advertise them. And I am telling the truth, not discriminating Chinese or Arabs, and I don't want to see any racial replies.


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