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LABS: Futsal Fury | Discussion Megathread

PUBG LABS is now live with Futsal Fury

LABS is where experiments are done with unique and often wholly new PUBG experiences, and this time around is no different. Futsal Fury is all about soccer, with a side of combat, and players who score the most goals will transform into soccer superstar, Premier League player “Sonny” Heung-Min Son!

The Futsal Field has different areas with buffs and weapon spawns, so each player has their own role and place in the team.

Futsal Field

Play Zone

The Buff Zone is created and spawns weapons on a regular basis. When a player enters the Buff Zone, that player consumes the buff automatically.

Make sure to keep an eye out for spawned weapons in Buff Zones, pick them up, and attack your enemies while you fight your way to victory.

  • Buff Area spawn intervals: 30 seconds
  • Buff types:
    • HP
      • Gain 50 HP
    • Movement Speed
      • 1.2x movement speed increase for 15 seconds
  • Weapon types:
    • Frying Pan
    • Sickle
    • Machete
    • Crowbar
    • Sawed-Off + 12 Gauge x2 (spawns at a lower rate but once equipped, it’s a surefire way to knock down your opponents)

Penalty Zone:

The Penalty Zone plays an important role, as it’s both a respawn area and spawns the Shield used to protect your goal.

  • Respawns
    • After death, players respawn in the Penalty Zone and are invincible for three seconds. Players cannot move out of the zone until the invincibility has worn off.
  • The Shield
    • When a player equipped with the Shield moves out of the Penalty Zone the Shield disappears and a new Shield spawns in the Penalty Zone.

Match Rules

Victory Conditions

  • The team to score more goals by the end of the match will claim victory.

Tied Score

  • In the event of a tie, the match will enter overtime. If scores remain tied after overtime, the winner will be decided by most kills or the team with the MVP.


  • Matches will be played in two five-minute halves, with three minutes of overtime being played automatically if the score is tied after regular time.
    • Matches have 5 seconds of preparation time prior to kick-off

Service Schedule

This round of LABS: Futsal Mode will be open during the following period:

PC & Console

PDT: July 20, 10 PM – August 2, 0 AM

CEST: July 21, 7 AM – August 2, 9 AM

KST: July 21, 2 PM – August 2, 4 PM

Gameplay Settings

  • TPP only
  • Two 4-man squads play against each other (1-man squads not supported)
  • Clear weather
  • No team damage
  • DBNO enabled
    • HP after reviving: 50
  • When respawning after death, players will remain invincible for three seconds


How can players control the ball?

  • Move towards the ball and make contact to dribble.
    • The faster you're moving when you make contact, the further the ball will go. Try sprinting at the ball when you want to shoot or make a long pass.
  • You can use melee attacks such as punching to attack opponents.

Are there fouls?

  • No. Feel free to use aggression with your enemies whilst trying to take possession.
  • There are no offsides, lineouts, or handling fouls. Do whatever you want and can to secure the win!

Is there a goalie?

  • We provide a Shield so that one player from each team can defend their goal.
  • The Shield covers a large area and can also be used to push away your opponents! Try to take advantage of this feature when defending.
    • The Shield can be equipped and used only within the penalty area. If you cross the penality line with the Shield equipped, it'll be unequipped automatically.

How do you become Son Heung-min?!

  • The player who scores the most goals during the match can transform into "Sonny", the superhero.
    • For male characters, Son's face, hair, and uniform are applied. For female characters, face and hair remain the same.
    • If someone else takes the lead, they will then become Son Heung-min.
  • Once you transform into Son, you benefit from a full boost with an extra speed increase until the end of the match.

LABS modes do not reward XP. LABS gamemodes are not listed in match history. LABS gamemodes do not count towards Survivor Pass missions.

Please use this megathread for discussing the mode, posting your experience so far, reporting issues you encounter, asking questions that come up.


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