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Lack of Nuance in WackyJacky’s latest FPP vs TPP video

Content of the article: "Lack of Nuance in WackyJacky’s latest FPP vs TPP video"

I watched WackyJacky's video and while a big fan of Wacky, I was quite frustrated at the lack of nuance in his argument for FPP vs TPP. Putting aside some of the juvenile TPP comments of which I and many members of the community have been guilty of, its the crux of why PUBG is failing at the moment.

He completely ignored the four most important reasons for why FPP vs TPP is such a problem.

The first reason is why PUBG could end up the biggest FPS game over the next few years. It is because the gun play gives PUBG a competitive advantage in FPP over other FPP game titles and this advantage is lost when people can see you from behind the wall/rock/tree using TPP.

It is a far superior product when matched next to Valorant, CSGO, R6, COD in FPP and not TPP and requires a significantly higher skill level to master. I'm not saying that it's more popular or that it has the most skilled E-Sport players (Simple is a god).

The unavoidable fact is if you put it side by side, mathematically, it requires more skill because of how many more mechanics such as leaning, alt looking, Aim, Iron Sights, Recoil and map knowledge that are required to be a top competitive player. It is also easily the best FPS to watch for players and new spectators alike as it has the most depth and potential to develop further.

PUBG is up against the wall, if it wants to stop the players draining away, it will need to effectively take the competitive market share of CSGO and Valorant and the only way they do that is by improving the competitive scene and try to push players and spectators there so they can watch and hopefully one day turn from TPP players to FPP players.

Secondly and most importantly, the amount of queues for the game is what has broken the game, it's that simple. They have been told for years that removing queues is good for the game because it means that the pool of players grows bigger which means you have more chance of getting a game against someone with your skill level. They need to judge each region and act accordingly but they urgently need to reduce the queues. I'm not advocating for the removal of TPP entirely but it should be viewed as a stepping stone for players to look at playing the game and spectating the game the same way the competitive scene plays the game. In regions that have more TPP players, by all means, have more queues for TPP but the long term future of the game is what PUBG spend so much money promoting in the competitive scene, FPP.

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I'm not sure why he didn't mention the two elephants in the room on such an important topic. FPP has a much higher average skill level of players especially in EU and OCE for example. People like playing against players that won't destroy them and TPP does give people that opportunity. The other elephant is that it defaults to TPP and the charts would look massively different if it defaulted to FPP.

The queue problem then forced them into a short sighted and highly unpopular decision which has put the game on life support.


Putting bots that are clearly broken and not ready for retail has ruined the experience for hundreds of thousands of players and will prevent old players from coming back because it makes the game look and play stupid. I'm not saying that bots should be removed entirely but they have a place in the game and FPP is not where it should be. Rather that address the actual source of the players bleeding out to other games, they tried to bandage it with bots that should never have been released retail, it was desperate and has hurt the game.

They compounded the situation by adding ranked TPP and FPP queues for some reason and they also added Deathmatch as well which was incredibly shortsighted given the size of the pool of players.

The fix is so easy, its just staggering that they still haven't implemented it yet.

For example, in OCE, Remove all queues in OCE except for TPP Squad and FPP Squad. Default people to FPP (OCE is close to 50% FPP). If someone wants to play ranked in OCE, default them to SEA as OCE doesn't have the players for it.

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Then remove bots from FPP and the game instantly becomes playable again for so many players, casuals and hardcore alike. If people don't want to wait longer for a game without bots, they can always join TPP. Forcing 20-30 bots in FPP games when there are enough players to have full servers has ruined the experience for every single game. Keep bots in TPP, it's definitely worthwhile because it helps solve the difficulty problem with new players. If there isn't enough players to sustain games, close the FPP and TPP queues and open up FPP Deathmatch until enough players are available and then close FPP Deathmatch down and open up FPP and TPP Squad Queues.

Each region and what queues should be managed by the community manager who knows their region, its really that simple.

Thirdly and not as important but one of the main reasons that PUBG wants to keep TPP around is that skins provide more value because you can actually see yourself. I think they could mitigate this somewhat if they had the ability for TPP to be able to be used in FPP games in warm up and at the end of the game.

The last reason will be somewhat unpopular but people don't understand what makes PUBG competitive so good. It's not 64 players or the settings, its mainly the season system with the points for kills and placement. This is the ultimate product, look at league of legends, it literally is the perfect example. Ranked 5 v 5 matched teams in LOL is basically dead unless its organised in a season with actual teams with a roster. The only ranked in LOL that is popular is Solo/Duo. The ideal ranked system would be to have multiple seasons with different grades, a pro/intermediate/amateur season that people can work up to with teams by either creating a team or joining one and playing it with the season format.

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Ranked should be DUO and Solo's only for FPP and not TPP just like League of Legends, you simply can't argue that League of Legends hasn't understood this most important of points and is still the most successful game in the world after 10 odd years. Casual FPP Solo's and Duos should be removed entirely and only Ranked FPP Solo's and Duo's should be available in ranked.

The game still has hope, Redbull seem to getting behind PUBG mobile and Samsung just became a sponsor but they need to understand that PC FPP is the ultimate form of PUBG and promoting that is in their best interests. NA Brian Corrigan has admitted that PUBG has a huge problem but he still hasn't recognised the massive success that League of Legends has is primarily because it fixed the queue problems it had and it made a huge difference.

Why not just copy them?


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