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Let’s have a chat about the video review system, if you have access to this feature. Please feel free to chime in with your 2 cents.

So, with new pubg coming out soon and all the good things tencent have implemented. I think it would be nice to have a chat with a goal of ironing out all the bugs that benefit pubg, the pros and the average gamer. This is the first topic that comes to mind but expect more in the coming weeks.

So, for those of you who don't know, I'm the guy who suggested a rank based reviewer system to take some of the heat off tencent security and let people who can think out side of the box weed out not all, but most troll reports which takes off that pressure for trncent to do thier thing.

I have been a part of the review system since basically the first week it came out but, I have a problem with the videos loading so I've only watched 8 videos. I realize this is a me problem but the 8 I have watched is usually because I'll start the video, go out for a smoke, when I get back the video is loaded and I do my thing like everyone else.

When I had mentioned the review system as a option to help I mentioned it had to be implemented properly. And ill give you an example of exactly what I mean.

The last review I watched started with the guy reported landing on a 4 story building with his 3 teammates. He immediately jumped through a hole and landed ground floor, lost part of his health, ran around and couldn't find a gun so he hid while there was like 6 people around him. (Doesn't look like teaming to me, it looks like everyone scrambling to get outta there) the next scene, this guy is in the same building on the ground floor. Watching someone run behind a mound of dirt, I was like, okay, what's this about untill I realized his team was still over him. Now I don't know if this guy has xray or is his team marking this dude as he runs and the guy I'm watching is following the marks while aiming right at the crest of this mound. The guy running shows half his head, the guy I'm watching fires 4 shots from a mini. Kills the guy.

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The second scene, this guy is still with his team, all 4 are on the mini map, the guy I'm watching stops, ads down a alley, 5 seconds later a dude tries to run accross the alley but because the guy I'm watching is already ads, pops this guy. For all I know, his team said there's a guy running from me towards your alley 2.

Third scene is this guy fully kitted, must've found a drop. 3 people on the team now. The team runs into a warehouse where there's a team of four. BOOM! No scope the first dude like 5 meters infront of him with a awm. Switches to a groza knocks another player while, and the guy I'm watching gets knocked in the exchange. Ends up dying with 3 kills…

Now, the way I make my calls is if there was any engagement the guy reported forced to happen that starts anyway but normal. Violation. If he has teams with him or is engaging back, no violation and if im not sure, well. That.

With out seeing marks, I blamed all three kills on his teammates making calls and said no violation. But this turned out to be a wrong judgment. Like what, he wasn't teaming, wasn't flying, didn't go through a wall, didn't teleport accross the map, every kill could've been his team mate being like, yo, theres a dude here. Damage hack, sorry, I don't pay attention to if someone dies with 8 bullets instead of 11.

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Now, all this being said. I get the logistics of adding live marks to a replay. But at least if we could see the quick chars of "enemy ahead" and who's marking it. We can see if the guy reported is timing to movements with the marks.

But even on top of that, if on the new game ten cent could implement something like, "hey! The five videos for you today have all been reported for teaming (plus possibly other catagorys). Maybe as you move up the ranks they put 2 catagorys. You know "the 5 videos for you today have been reported for teaming and wall hacks" or possibly more etc.

I say this would change how the review system would work. And on ten cents side of things it shouldn't be hard to implement this, it would basically be a spread sheet with averages of judgments.

Anyways, before I get to onto this, gimme your opinion and let's talk about way to make this the best before the new game starts.


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