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so i did that thing where you lay in bed at night and cant sleep and think of all the ways your favourite game could be better. just me? oh ok. so here's what i came up with:

– merge ranked mode and regular mode so that just playing the game allocates you a rank from bronze to master whether you care about ranking or not, just like pubg mobile does. have this mode use something between current normal settings and esports settings. this should alleviate some of the issues with player counts and as such it should be fine to remove bots again.

– add a new offline solo vs bots mode alongside training mode so that there is still a purpose for bots to exist in the game and new players can still get a feel for what an actual game is like. this mode would use the original 'non esport' settings that regular mode is used to.

– fix custom games so that there are templates for the most popular modes like 50v50, zombies etc. and do something about lobby leaders who just afk and leave games to never start.

– allowing sidearms while driving was a step in the right direction to make these weapons viable but you could go even further. allow hipfire for players who are downed so that you aren't completely defenseless but keeping it to just hipfire wont make it super easy to trade with your killer. also allow the same to be done from water so that you aren't a sitting duck.

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– what's with more than 1 preset wardrobe option needing to be bought with real money? give us at least 2 permanently for free.

– go back to having 'mini royale' and 'battle royale' queues with all of the small maps including haven & paramo in a queue with sanhok & karakin and miramar vikendi erangel in another. drop this seasonal map in a separate queue nonsense it just further divides the playerbase.

i got a couple of these ideas after trying out pubg mobile for the first time and it also made me wonder why that game seems to have its shit together a lot better than the 'true' version of pubg does on pc.



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