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Metro Royale Chapter 4: My Feedback, Issues and Improvements

Hi Metro Royale fans,

With the conclusion of Metro Royale Chapter 4 / Reunion, I would like to bring to light some of the issues that I have faced or things I would like to get fixed/added in the future.

Suggested Improvements

Bugs/Glitches (From most important to least, however it is not a comprehensive list -> more can be found on Youtube)

  • Out of the Map Glitch
  • Under the Map Glitch
    • Viewing people in tunnels by jumping through the gap in the dirt on the right most entrance for Roshok Station
    • Escaping Garage through the crack in the top left section and the option to jump on top of the garage
  • Combat/Gun Glitches
    • Fast Reload/No Recoil/Speed Glitch
  • Cannot pick up loot from boss, crate is glitched into the ground. This can happen also to player crates.
  • Incorrect map selection, selecting map 2 may place you in a map 3 match (may have been fixed)
  • Talents do not reliably work for map 3
  • Undercover and assault mode do not currently work although undercover worked at the start of the chatper. Assault Mode does not work at all…
  • Grenade launcher reset time: pressing the fire button during reload should not reset the reload
  • Not being able to see boss HP bar sometimes, when pointing a weapon in the direction of boss.
  • Black screen after map glitch: cannot return to lobby when you have died
  • Snake pit there is a small set of stairs which are not smooth when walking and it dinvolves jumping over it (Kind of irritating)
  • Team Lobby graphics when people leave some may get overlapped or are in the wrong position
  • Lobby weapons loadout attachment quality may not be correct (may show another colour than that is actually equipped etc)

Inventory Management

  • Putting things in lock box should not require it to be dropped. Suppose we had 5 dog tags (weight 10 of 1 dogtag) in backpack and an empty drop box (storage weight 40). Dragging to lockbox should automatically put 4 in the lock box and 1 should remain in backpack
  • Dragging attachments to vests with 3 or more attachments should not default to the first slot(this occurs in lobby). Dragging attachments from gun on the ground to an equipped gun or to an inventory (with enough space). This also should apply to vests.
    • I am not sure if I was dragging incompatible attachments.
  • When having extra luck packs in lobby inventory, multiple of them should be able to be opened at a time given the required space in inventory is available.
  • On the same note, favourability packs from story missions should be able to be sold directly (premium: $2K each, normal: $1k each)or opened multiple at a time given available space.
  • All items from shop should have an additional input text box for the amount rather than just a slider (e.g., ammunition)
  • Increase the stack capacity for some items such as hand grenades/40mm grenades


  • Rebalance Mk14 meta
  • GL should be removed/rebalanced
    • Rebalance using one or more of the following modifications:
      • Reduce the damage of 40mm grenades to 1/3 or ¼ of health
      • Reduce the impact radius
      • Improve the effectiveness of composite plates
      • Have the quality of the GL attachment differ between them (currently, there is no difference between refined and intact).
  • OEC/SF should be at least an alternative (such as different existing + extra bonuses) that is on par with refined weapons or superior to refined weapons.
  • Clearer explanation of some of the attributes of OEC/SF gear with the exact values such as better headshot damage for OEC weapons (percent damage increase?). This should also apply to toxic/immolating bullets (“Poisons enemy who are hit” should include information on how it reduces field of vision and prevents healing(not sure if preventing healing is correct))
  • Have more accurate weapons stat bars for weapons
  • Make mines somewhat more effective (e.g. reduce activation time)


  • Dog tags should go to the person who has the final knock rather than the person who kills the person but if the person who knocks is not alive the dog tag should go to the killer. Then if the killer is not alive, it should be available to the rest of the team. (Should be determined on death of the enemy)
    • Player should be told which player they knocked when the person dies etc
  • Armour restriction on Map 1 to Level 4 and/or weapon restriction to improved/intact and below
    • Improves new player experience as they may be demolished by Lv 6s with refined weapons which may increase new player retention possibly increases player retention
  • Showing the health of the boss in numerical form (e.g. 1300/2500)
  • On the death/successful evacuation page helpful additional information would be:
    • a list of players who you have killed/gotten the honour for
    • what gear was lost (exclusive to map 3)


  • Better password letter door RNG (Red/Yellow Doors specifically)
    • This may be biased
  • Choice to skip the dialogue when returning from an unsuccessful evacuation (Katie) or entering the black market (Ian)
  • Additional Story Missions should be added
    • All story missions should be unlocked at the start of the week.
  • Restore the previous Metro Royale Voice pack (hopefully the VP was not associated with the Metro Franchise Contract)

New Features Suggestions

  • More maps/Map expansion
  • New metro unique features should be added
  • RP pass
  • Emergency Exit: Sometimes in the middle of a match I had to attend to something more important. I suggest there should be an emergency exit which allows the user to exit without losing any of their gear. Restrictions on this exit should be limited to Map 1 and 2 and the user must be at full health and not knocked at all. Hence, the user will drop everything in their backpack but keep everything in their lock box and equipped gear. This backpack loot will be dropped as a crate and anyone can loot it. Another additional compensation would be to reduce all honor gained during the match and possibly have a negative overall honor at the end.

Let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree with the points I have made.

Thanks for reading and see ya'll on the battlefield in Chapter 5! 🙂

Also a big thank you to the PUBG Mobile Metro Royale team who have worked hard on this mode!


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