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My Experience This Season

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I finally reached 'Ace' and got the parachute this morning. This was a draining experience… I'm a hardcore retro console gamer and I understand multiplayer online are not for me, I'm the type of player who wants to challenge myself, not others. I wanted the prize just for the tier, I don't care about being 'Ace', I wouldn't mind being a "Gold", the matchmaking would be more fair for me. Anyways, I pushed it, and it was a painful journey for an average player like me.

It's strange to hear this, but have you notice the amount of posts about big brain 200 IQ plays MLG 360 no-scope this subreddit holds?! It demotivates me and I don't know how to explain! Suddenly, being bad at the game sounds awful. This past months have been rough 'cause of personal issues all around me. I also have "Generalized Anxiety Disorder". I missed sleep, got sleep deprivated and messed up my mental sanity. Actually, you don't need to know about this, so straight to the point. The game stressed me out even more. I understand it's a competitive game, as it should be, after all it's a "Battle Royale", but PUBGM is mad unforgiving about everything: I'm tackleing rank points and skins.

After 400+ matches played, with lots of 0's, +1's, +2's, +3's and +4's, I managed to get to 'Ace'. I had to play 5 more matches to get the parachute. Anyways, everything in this game makes me sad. I have other things to do, I can't afford to play 200+ hours each season. The most frustrated thing is that the amount of losing points is not equivalent to the amount of earned points and with so many pro players around crushing me (kudos to them) and hackers holding sweet 'Conqueror' titles (fuck them), it makes you question lots of things.

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If I had no dignity whatsoever, I'd be hacking the heck out of this game. So many people do it and come out unpunished. Why should I work this hard for a miserable 'Ace'?! It's unfair!

Now, I've heard Tencent is trying to get PUBGM to the E-sports… Guys, don't pull off the "Street Fighter V". Fix the game first! Our community give lots of feedback. Listen to us!

1) First, my advice is being less ruthless about the rank system. There are people who haven't got much time to spend on the game and a minor mistake throwing away like 1 hour worth of progress (which sometimes might not be much) really destroys us. Be more vocal about the parameters you gotta achieve in order to get points.

2) In case number 1) is not approved, move the prizes 1 rank below… For example, the outfit for 'Silver', the head accessory for 'Gold', the weapon skin for 'Platinum' and the parachute for 'Diamond' and let the people who rank up naturally get 'Ace' and 'Conqueror'. Why give the outfit almost for free, as the vast majority of players have easily surpassed 'Silver'. Simple! It's a nice way of saying: Thank you for sticking with us for this new season, here's a gift of appreciation. Although, we've had 5 free skins this season (that's awesome, thanks Tencent!).

3) The rank should be calculated using the players playstyle. If one is a hot drop aggressive player, his kills should matter the most, based on his profile.

4) Let us buy skins directly. A lot of people purchased the 'Anubis' one. I would sure drop lots of money if I knew that I would surely get what I'm looking for. I would buy like crazy if the 'Ninja Kitty' collection and the 'Bloodhawk' collection were available to buy separately.

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5) I said above what gave me the thought to cheat and we gotta understand why people do this. Maybe the rank system is unforgiving and it's easier to reach 'Conqueror'' by cheating. Deep issues might need drastic solutions: I – Drop the tier rewards or don't give prizes for reaching tiers; II – Delete the 'Conqueror' title. Make 'Ace' the last one and this allows for not having special snowflakes in the server with this rare title, as everybody has a chance to get it. III – Get rid of the leaderboards. This measures might be unpopular, but they are drastic. answers that could help


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