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My ranked mode experience (and why I don’t like it)

Content of the article: "My ranked mode experience (and why I don’t like it)"

Let me start of by introducing myself.

I bought the game in June 2017 and I usually play it around 3-6 hours a day (unless I don't play at all) and I've got 2050 hours as I write this.

At the beginning I was playing on a laptop with 60Hz monitor having around 50 to 70 fps at best.

I wouldn't say that I'm really good but I can manage to get 8-10 kill games (mostly playing squad).

When PGI 2018 mode was put in the game I was really excited since I watched the tournament and the style of play really intrigued me.

I begged Devs to put it during the future tournaments but they only did it once (not sure when but there was like 3 or 4 tournaments combined).

When it was getting published that we're gonna get a ranked mode I saw a lot of people being against it and I wrote to all of them how awesome it is and how they should try it before saying bad things about it.

Today as much as I like the spawn rates, vehicle spawns and circle settings the thing that is the most important here is the Skill-based matchmaking (or some form of it)… and I know this is a BR but for me the problem lays here.

Last season I pushed for Platinum 5 (exactly 2500RP) and dropped ranked for random squads Karakin (only).

This season all I want is Gold 5 even though I think they could've done a far better job with the skins and the "ID Icon" which I was hoping to be an icon in the killfeed next to your name.

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Before anyone says that with current player base it's not possible to have SBMM, I just want to say that without it, ranked is not what it could and should be.

Dying to cheaters and pro players with thousands of hours playing 10 hours a day and making their life from this game is just frustrating as this makes my 2000 hours put into this game feel wasted.

Most of my ranked games look like this: we drop and loot, get vehicles, try to get a compound in the middle unless we're very far away from the zone and this almost always ends up with losing one or two and then having to snake for the placement points.

Other scenario is that we get into an early fight/somebody camping a corner playing for sound and killing me. Then I'm left there watching the rest of my team for 20 or so minutes so I don't lose RP.

My request to the Devs is to either finally do something with the cheaters, make the game free to play so there's more players and make the SBMM so that silvers play against silvers or remove the ranked mode completely and put the settings into normal mode (could be FPP only),

But this right now is not what it should and has to be.


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