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My thoughts about the bots

For context

/u/MrFallacious wanted me to make a post

I'm just going to copy paste with a little context.

/u/charliewithak explained that ai from the 90's was better


Good bots that instant HS you would be even WORSE.

I just wanted to comment and give shed some light on what is and isn't "good" for AI.

It's very easy to have an AI… aimbot basically because they are connected to the game… like the matrix basically, every AI is like neo, they don't "see" they just "know" where players are at all times they just need to act like they don't know. And they only need to act like they don't know when the player knows.

So ideally the bots need to be hackers that are role-playing as real people, with the goal that the AI shouldn't be to kill you but to masquerade as deadly foe. The bot will do whatever we tell it to do, if you want it to kill it will kill, if you want it to survive it will probably do whatever it can to not die, like avoid combat all together.

We as players assume that what makes a good player is how good they can kill, so if you have a bot in place of a player logically a player would make the conclusion that the measure of a good bot is also how they can kill. Well really a measure of a good bot is really the desired perception you want to achieve by the player of that bot.

The job of an AI guard standing at the gate isn't to stop the player, it's to provide the player with an interesting situation ie. a potential victim, person to distract, interrogate, ignore… basically AI should be something fun to interact with.

That would be a BAD BOT, it's stupid easy to code an instant head shot bot.

if((player.agent <= bot.attackRange) && (bot.hasLineOfSight))


on update = player.head.transform.position);



int mood;

mood = int.rand()

if ((mood % 2) == 0){//mood nice




else //mood mean


this isn't a good bot, it's a bot that can instant headshot any player in range

what you really need is bot's with personality, and preferences, and built in imperfections for example

They purposely miss the first shot, but the second shot is always a limb shot, followed by a body shot

Full auto always starts firing with a random vector to a random limb on the player body, and as shots are fired have a sort of "magnetism" for readjusting cross-hairs to the head

Good tracking but it always a little behind or too far ahead.

Perfect aim,tracking and leading, but there is a warmup timer

Have a "hot hand" phase where immediately after a bot makes a kill (against a bot or player), if a player that did damage to that bot in the past 20 seconds is with a certain attack radius, the bot's weapon accuracy is equal to the surviving player with the most kills in the game for the next 10 seconds or until the bot reloads. But this only happens once every 5 minutes to prevent hot streaks.

Stuff like this make things more interesting in the just with targeting and firing.

That's not counting for things like navigation, you can have navigation based on stalking, takes a random player on the map, that bot stalks that player but it can't kill the player is stalking unless the player notices the bot by facing the bot with aim down sights, shooting at the bot, however the bot can kill anyone else it comes in contact with, after the bot makes it's first kill it can now try to kill the player. Once the player dies the bot gets a new target.
This would be really good for sniper bots, that can track a target player at long distance.

A nice thing to add would be if the player gets into a car the bot should prioritize shooting out tires.

Build bots with personality!

Anyway, since I'm here discussing AI and bots…unless the bots are operating separately from the game… then this makes things more complicated.

I can safely assume that PUBG AI isn't like normal AI in that it's "in the matrix" so to speak, but rather A super hacker that knows everything the game allows it to know. So this is imperfect information. To us it might seem like plenty of information but the bot is in a sense working blind.

The only 3 quick analogies I can think of is like

1.Playing checkers vs battleship

2.Playing battleship but you get to see you enemies screen vs playing battleship normally

3.Playing with split screen and peeking at your enemy screen vs putting a cardboard cut out to prevent screen peeking

… you can still hear everything your roommate is doing but you don't know exactly what he is doing.

Working with AI with incomplete information is very challenging and is currently the kind of thing computer scientists are working on.

So my above quote wouldn't exactly work, because it really depends what kind of tools they made for the bots. And if you didn't plan for it… oh boy… and if it had to be rushed… (nervous laughter)

So you can have a bot that become basically mobile death turrets, that instant lock on and spray bullets, because as far as the AI is concerned, object permanence isn't even a thing,

when a player comes in visible range the following happens

Bot: I'm alone in this universe

*player enters cone of vision*

Bot: Aliens do exist!

*player walks behind a tree*

Bot:I'm alone in this universe

*player walks out from behind the tree*

Bot: Aliens do exist!

and the bot sprays a barrage of "friendliness pellets" in an attempt to connect with the only entity in existence besides itself

you would have to either code in object permanence with wall-hacks, or code in predictive AI.

Predictive AI could possibly be handled with self learning AI, or another way is to gather all the player data from the servers… and we know they can do this because replays exist and create some statistical information and code in some behavior so the bots uses the statistical data.

I don't know what information is available to the bots at any given moment, but the more information the easier it is to do some meaningful stuff. The less information the harder it is to just keep it from die.

AI that is knows everything the game knows

Dude your house is on fire!

AI: I got god on speed-dial! And Jesus is has the keyboard!

Bot that has limited information

Dude YOU are on fire!

Bot: All I know is that it's warm and the pain stopped.

… I don't know why I typed all of this… but I'm done typing… I'm not an expert… I just make indie games in my spare time and I'm still learning a bunch of stuff.

Plz no bully but, if I'm wrong on anything I will definitely want to see what I can learn, I want to be a game dev and see if I have any specialties and AI has been a more consistent interest of mine because it feels like DMing in DND.

Oh and resources, I like resources.

…oh yeah I typed all of this to help shed some light on misconceptions of AI and what are the challenges and limitations that aren't considered by the average player

I'm not saying the Bots in pubg are good, but the idea of a good bot, is an idea that is really a discussion of game design not programming, but as for what COULD be done is really a better question and what is POSSIBLE is based on what exactly is under the hood of PUBG.

I think to end this post with a bang would be to actually get players invested in the bots rather than complaining bots are inherently good or bad. Because as far as I can tell bots are here to stay, and I just see things from a more opportunistic perspective. If pubg's goal is to be competitive then bots should be identified as obstacles not the competition and should be indicated as such last man standing should be "last player standing" , if there are 10 players left and 8 are bots, bots should freeze their positions, rip the skin off their heads to show their terminator face and demand "blood for the blood god".And the last player standing has that

with all the bots clapping with one walking over to the player with a hot and ready chicken dinner. And as soon as the player decides to attack them for the lols the bots are switched to kill mode.

If pubg's goal is to entertain and delight, fuck it lets lean in and make some Bot personalities!

Jimmy bot has the worst aimbot and always runs out in the open

CrowMan bot drops valuable loot in wide open spaces and snipes from the trees

Paintrain bot only kills down players with a melee

Nikko bot always shoots at moving vehicles

And the bots could have specific outfits so you know who is who. So we can look at the kill feed and be like…"Lol someone just got clapped by Jimmy".The bots will do whatever they are coded to do, what they should do is really dependent on what you want, either what the community wants or what the devs want.

TLDR: Bots will do whatever we want them to do, you just need to know exactly what you want. Bots could be challenging to code.

"Bots can be what we choose to believe, bots can only achieve as much as we dream them to be."


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