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Need help!

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Long story short, i have 977hours into this game (avg ~30hours past 2 weeks stable). Started playing since 2020 Jan and recently december-january and I keep getting banned and banned all over again. I understand that i evolved and got better etc like monkeys evolved and became humans or we.I write support tickets every time but i keep getting replys like this. So this is my second ban alrdy this year (writing on 4th Jan). Yes i got banned on december too several times, this is all when it started. Whenver i get 10+ kill game or close to its seeya in 24hrs.

" Hello Survivor,

Thank you for contacting PUBG Support.

It appears that you are contacting us about the temporary restriction applied to your account.

Your access to the game was restricted due to the detection of suspicious actions/unusual patterns on it and is currently under investigation.

We understand that it might be frustrating to be suspected of using unauthorized programs and not being to play the game for the listed time period. But we have to be extra cautious when it comes to game security as one of our priorities is to deliver a fair gaming environment for everyone.

Also, we would like to mention, that this restriction was applied in accordance with our Rules of Conduct:

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So what should i do? I got to play 9 games since last ban (2 days ago) and just got new 24hours temp ban ready to go.

I know that many streamers had that problem too long time ago but recently everything seems to be cool?Maybe i should start streaming to get into some "white list" with pro players?Maybe i should change my sexy "cheateralike" name so I dont get reported that much?

Anyways lemme know in the comments and hopefully someone in higher positsion can see this too.Last few bans were only on ranked since this should be more "challenging etc"

I Also found that funny the guys with "1-2kills, maybe 5 max" who ACTUALLY cheat and HIDE their wallhack dont get banned but still keep their say 25-50% winrate since they dont get much kills, but for guys like me who like to fun around and have few hours fun at night get banned like some monkeys in the zoo or we.Oh and ye i dont cheat, i still got alot to learn and i make monkey mistakes from time to time (yes i like to jump around and push ppl like crazy d0gs). Not sure how much i would get banned if i really focus hard 24/7. I wouldnt even be able to fkn open teh game before getting banned prolly.

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Suggestion: Lemme play the game i payed for l0l Appreciate reading my novel. My oscar candidate "suspicious" stats and . Oh and btw if any proplayers see this and want new talent into the team hitmeup boyz.Oh, and Happy New Year and all that other stuff.Stay beastly!


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