PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

New Era, new anti cheat system, ip bans, new in game video review. What a fing joke.

Content of the article: "New Era, new anti cheat system, ip bans, new in game video review. What a fing joke."

Long rant- sorry.

I had hope for this game, after these announcements.

But it was only another publicity stunt.

Season 15 is following the same pattern: each season is worse than the last one.

Every game some middle east cheater that doesnt even know how to move shots you from impossible positions, kills you with only headshots, etcetera.

Worse than season 14. That's saying a lot.

And yet we were promised an improved anti cheat system, we were promised an in-game video review.

None of them work. At least, not as intended. How many of you sent the application for video review and got nothing?

The only weapon we users had to fight cheaters ( a weapon that meant that you had to spend time to do the work people earning from this game should do ), recording and reporting cheaters DOESN'T EVEN WORK ANYMORE.

The small satisfaction that the cheater that ruined your game was going to have to buy a new account- gone.

Cheaters rule this game without fear or shame.

And yet tencent employees have the balls to claim that they "read every single comment". Except that, when they get confronted with what the reality of the game is, they NEVER SAY SOMETHING SPECIFIC.

Why is ingame video review using so few of the available players?

Why is it so hard to check and cleanse periodically the top ranks to disincentivize cheaters and making them see that if they get high enough, they will get caught?

Why isnt there already a serverlock, at least for ranked mode? Are we still believing in the fairytale of "Cheaters come from everywhere without evidence that they come from specific reasons"?

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Im not expecting any reply because your line is avoiding the problem when you can, but ill tag you anyway.

@u/PlayPUBGMobile @u/Tencent_Aeolus @u/TENCENT_Ocho @u/Errora403 and the newcomer, @u/Tencent_community_2


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