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Nobody asked but here’s a Vikendi Public Transit schedule (WIP)

Content of the article: "Nobody asked but here’s a Vikendi Public Transit schedule (WIP)"

TLDR I made a table of the times the Vikendi train shows up at different stations.

Hi! Super casual player here coming back after a long break. Was super stoked to see Vikendi added rideable trains.

I happened to notice that the trains arrive at stations with consistent timing relative to the start of the match, but I couldn't find a table of arrival times for each train at each station on the wikis or by Google/subreddit searches.

Then again, I couldn't find anyone asking for this information either. But that's never stopped me before!

Last week I played a bunch and checked my replays every time I got Vikendi, trying to keep my replay recording circle over train lines that I didn't have info on. The result is that if I start a stopwatch at the same time as the sound of the drop plane starts, I can know when it's time to leave a town or compound to make it to the train on time.

Some notes:

  • The track making a ring around the island has three distinct trains. Depending on which station and which train, if you miss a train you'll be waiting either 5 minutes or 7 minutes for the next one.

  • The times on the chart record when the train comes to a full stop at each station. The loop trains seem to pause for 10s each station, while the trains that go back and forth do 15s.

  • The tabs are color coded by how complete the table is. At time of writing, the train between Abbey and Cargo is the least filled but covers the timespan you're most likely to bother with a train anyway.

  • The timing for a train to travel from one station to another is consistent, and the boxes shaded in blue are calculated times based on the known intervals and arrival times. However, some of the calculated times have turned out to be as far as 2 seconds off when eventually observed. This is likely due to not having a milliseconds counter available in replays, so the fractional second error might add up when extrapolated.

  • Some of the stations have actual names on signs! Which is awesome! Unfortunately those names aren't on the map. So I have included both the station proper name when available alongside a nearby landmark name. Also there are three stations named Suvi. WTF Bluehole?

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Apologies if this is redundant with information already known to the community. Last time I was playing consistently Vikendi was just added as a map, and I much preferred Erangel. Now the trains are my favorite thing in the game. 😛


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