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OFFICIAL Firing Rate of all Full-Auto Guns in PUBG Mobile

Content of the article: "OFFICIAL Firing Rate of all Full-Auto Guns in PUBG Mobile"

After days if not weeks of research, I finally measured and recorded the OFFICIAL Rate of Fire for all PUBG Mobile weapons. As it turns out, the firing rate of these guns are drastically different from their PC counterparts. I have linked my entire research video in this post so if you guys want to see my methodology in the research, you can go there (It's a very boring 13 minute video).

There are a couple interesting things to note:

Starting from the slowest-firing weapon (bottom of the list) and working my way up to the fastest (top of the list):

  1. The DP-28 is the slowest firing full-auto gun in PUBG Mobile at 0.111 seconds per bullet (look at the right-most column).
  2. AKM does NOT have 0.100 firing rate like in the PC version, but instead 0.110, which means all the DMRs like SKS, Mini-14, SLR, and QBU (with their 0.100 firing rates if you can tap fast enough), technically fire faster than AKM.
  3. All the 5.56 mm ARs do NOT fire at 0.086 seconds like in PC version, but instead 0.096 seconds per bullet. Interestingly, in PC version, the QBZ-95 fires at 0.092 and the SCAR-L at 0.096 seconds, but in the mobile game, it looks like ALL 5.56 mm ARs have the same 0.096 seconds cyclic rate. Implication: There is no benefit to using G36C vs M416 vs SCAR-L when we're talking about firing rate. Now…accuracy and damage is another story. I haven't figured out how to test that in PUBG Mobile yet.
  4. The M762 has 0.096 seconds firing rate, same as all 5.56mm ARs, but it's slower than its PC-counterpart, which fires at 0.086 seconds. Note: Since all 5.56mm ARs in PC also fire at 0.086 seconds per bullet, the PC-M762 has the same firing rate as all PC-5.56 ARs.
  5. The Bizon and UMP45 have nearly-identical firing rates at 0.095 seconds per bullet, which means it fires just a tad-bit faster than 5.56mm ARs. Implication: I haven't tested the UMP45 damage yet, but if the UMP45 requires the SAME amount of bullets as an M416 to kill someone via headshots, the UMP45 will do it quicker than the M416.
  6. VSS and MK14 have nearly-identical firing rates at 0.088 and 0.087 seconds respectively, which interestingly is more closely related to PC-5.56 mm AR firing rates. What this means is: MK14 fires REALLY REALLY FAST for the damage it does.
  7. Speaking of fast, M249, Thompson SMG, and Groza are all around the "0.080 seconds firing rate," which is blistering fast. The M249 is a tad bit slower at 0.081, whereas the Groza is at 0.080 seconds. Interestingly, since the 1.0 Update, Thompson SMG is now buffed to the same firing rate as the Groza, also at blistering-fast 0.080 seconds cyclic rate.
  8. The Vector and the MP5K do NOT have 0.055 and 0.067 firing rates like on the PC version. Instead, they have 0.062 and 0.063 respectively. Implication: They are basically clones of each other, which makes sense since the MP5K replaces the Vector on Vikendi.
  9. Finally, the fastest firing weapon in the game, the Uzi, fires at 0.047 seconds per bullet, which is a lot more faithful to the PC-version, which is 0.048 seconds. Note: 0.047 is roughly 2x the speed of the 0.096 firing rate of all 5.56 mm ARs in PUBG Mobile.
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Here is the link to my super-boring 13-minutes long research video where I talk about how I conducted this study and how I measured all the speeds:


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