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P90 and the 5.7mm

Content of the article: "P90 and the 5.7mm"

I thought of a new addition to the game, which I'm sure would be either a very rare world spawn, or a package/truck spawn. I'd love some feedback.


Base Damage: 38
Bullet Speed: 700 m/s
Power: 8,000
Magazine Size: 50
Fire Rate: 900 RPM
Reload: 4s (2.8s Quickdrawn)
Effective Range: 0-100m
Ammo: 5.7mm
Fire Modes: Full-Auto, Single
Attachment Slots: Muzzle, Magazine
Special notes: The P90 would come with a fixed unique 2.5x scope in the front, as well as a laser sight fixed in the front. The muzzle would be able to take suppressors, compensators, and flash hiders. The magazine, however, can only take the quickdraw mag which allows for faster ejection of the box mag.

Other general notes;
– Very noticeable decrease in recoil compared to all other SMGs at base.
– Highest accuracy of the SMGs at base. (Lowest, but not by far, spread when firing the same amount of bullets as a comparable SMG on full-auto aimed over the shoulder, basically.)
– Longest reload time of the SMGs.
– Least common ammo of the SMGs.
– Not as powerful as the UMP.45 and Tommy Gun.
– Rare to the point of average encounter being once every 2-3 games.

The ammo for the P90, the 5.7mm, would spawn with the gun in most commonly 2 50 round piles. Rarely will it spawn in 3 piles, and occasionally you may only get 1 pile. They weigh .2 capacity a piece, the lowest of all the ammunition in the game, with 1 box weighing 10 capacity.

I would expect this gun, if implemented in a similar fashion as presented here, to be a lucky find that is very useful in many CQB situations, but seldom outside this role. I expect it to still be outclassed by shotguns in various situations, and a more accurate rifle such as the M416 to easily beat it at 100 meters provided there is equal cover to both sides. Given that no scope can be attached to the P90, I would not expect it to outclass any AR at 100 meters. In closer distances, such as 50 meters or less, I would expect it to perform better on full-auto than other SMGs, but in some cases faster fire rate would win out.

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