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PCS 2 Finals (bad English ahead)

Content of the article: "PCS 2 Finals (bad English ahead)"

So here's a little story that can probably help some of you gain some little extra EPs on PCS' Twitch live streams.

My friend had an issue with activating drops on his main twitch account at the beginning of the tournament's finals. He then created new pubg account and remembered he had an old twitch account; he re-linked them with his steam and started watching with drops enabled. After a day or two he decided to log back in to his first account and after that he couldn't submit the code from his old email so he was forced to create a new one and start linking everything again (his old email was already gone and he used auto-fill in the first place, now it would ask for code from the logging letter). After 5 or more new pubg accounts he finally enabled the drops but everything starter from 500 EPs again.

Now after almost half of the games are done, here's what he has:


After me and my friend received our peak 20000 EPs, we've decided to check if it's going to work if we re-create all the accounts and link everything back together with our steams and it didn't work.
However I still think that you can do that but only 2 (max 3) times: try to create and link new pubg and twitch accounts to your steam before you hit 20k on your first run (simply replicate the story I told you about my friend earlier). At least some extra EPs are guaranteed to you.
It seems that you stop receiving EPs after your account hits 20k (3 2k EPs in drops).

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Do not delete your old/main twitch account – use it for quizzes (on your phone e.g.).Since EPs from watching streams drops directly to your pubg account, EPs from quizes are stored linked to your twitch account until the end of the tournament so you would want to re-link you main twitch with quiz's points back to your steam/pubg accounts after you done farming EPs before the end of the tournament.

Hope my story would help you farm some extra EPs. Cheers.


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