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PGC 2021 vs. PGI.S : participants comparison.

Here is a comparison of participating teams between PGI.S and PGC 2021.

Teams returning from PGI.S with essentially the same roster

  • Multi Circle Gaming (China).
  • Petrichor Road (China) : addition of mingz1 (Tianba).
  • Gen.G (South Korea) : Loki replaced by Asura.
  • Enter Force 36 (Japan) : satou left the team. Starlord (T1) and Indigo (Damwon) joined.
  • Attack All Around (Thailand) : added Glooms in place of SviTT, who is now a sub.
  • Buriram United (Thailand).
  • Oath (North America) : PAT_KAPS replaced by Kickstart (Zenith).
  • Susquehanna Soniqs (North America).
  • Virtus Pro (Europe East) : Perfeckt1ks should be able to attend, after being replaced by H1RUZEN at PGI.S due to visa issues.
  • ENCE (Europe West).
  • Faze Clan (Europe West) : ubah replaced by Fexx (TSM).
  • Team Liquid (Europe West).

Teams returning from PGI.S with a different roster

  • Global Esports Xsset (Taiwan) : GEX released their roster (bar YanLi) after PGI.S and signed the roster of K7 Esports, although BuYoHoo is no longer with the team.
  • TSM (North America) : TSM released their European roster after PGI.S and picked up the Shoot to Kill players. The only player from the former roster that will attend PGC is Fexx (Faze Clan) although Fexx couldn't actually travel to Korea for PGI.S.
  • Natus Vincere (Europe East) : NAVI released their roster after PGI.S and picked the former roster of Tornado Energy (who played shortly as Raise Your Edge and Acend). None of their former players qualified.

New teams, but not new players

  • Dignitas (North America) : Dignitas signed Zenith Esports' roster during the year, although Kickstart and Roth are no longer with the team. They will participate in PGC with Oath and Spacestation respectively. Their spots in the team have been filled by HoneyBadger and Sparkingg (Meta Gaming).
  • BBL Esports (Middle East & Africa) : former Digital Athletics players.


  • 17 Gaming (China).
  • KaiXin (China).
  • New Happy (China).
  • Danawa e-sports (South Korea).
  • Ghibli (South Korea) : part of the team is Adder, who participated in PGI.S with T1.
  • MaD Clan (South Korea).
  • Veronica7 (South Korea).
  • Bao Nam United (Vietnam).
  • Unicorn Phoenix Da Nang (Vietnam).
  • Fury (Oceania).
  • ArkAngel Predator (Philippines).
  • Spacestation Gaming (North America) : Roth participated in PGI.S with Zenith. Sharpshot was an unused substitute for Soniqs.
  • Fiumba (Latin America) : part of the team is SzylzEN, who participated in PGI.S with Meta Gaming.
  • Heroic (Europe West).
  • Question Mark (Europe East).

Teams not returning

  • Four Angry Men (China) : 4AM had an average performance at PCS4 and failed to qualify for PCS5, finishing 16th in PGC points.
  • Infantry (China) : didn't qualify for either PCSs.
  • Tianba (China) : didn't qualify for either PCSs. Former player mingz1 will participate with Petrichor Road.
  • Triumphant Song Gaming (China) : TSG was sold to TYLOO, who didn't qualify for either PCSs.
  • Afreeca Freecs (South Korea) : had a poor performance at PCS4 and failed to qualify for PCS5, finishing 21st in PGC points.
  • Damwon Gaming (South Korea) : had sub-par performances at both PCSs, finishing 13th in PGC points. Former player indigo is now part of Japanese team EF36.
  • T1 (South Korea) : had a sub-par performance at PCS4 and failed to qualify for PCS5, finishing 19th in PGC points. Former players Adder and Starlord will participate as members of Ghibli and EF36 respectively.
  • Detonation Gaming White (Japan) : DGW failed to qualify for PCS4 and had a sub-par performance at PCS5, finishing 17th in PGC points and being unable to outrank EF36 as the top Japanese team.
  • K7 Esports (Taiwan) : its roster was signed by Global Esports Xsset after PGI.S, who was able to qualify. BuYoHoo left the team since then.
  • Daytrade Gaming (Thailand) : qualified for both PCSs but had average performances overall, finishing 8th in PGC points.
  • Divine Esports (Vietnam) : didn't qualify for either PCSs.
  • DivisionX Gaming (Vietnam) : didn't qualify for either PCSs.
  • Shoot to Kill (North America) : its entire roster was picked up by TSM after PGI.S, bar Uncivil who was benched during the tournament. TSM qualified for PGC.
  • Zenith (North America) : its roster was signed by Dignitas during the year. Dignitas was able to qualify, with only Poonage and Shinboi from the former roster still part of the team. The other two will participate as well: Kickstart with Oath and Roth with Spacestation.
  • Furia Esports (Latin America) : roster released after PGI.S.
  • Meta Gaming (Latin America) : roster released after PGI.S. Former players Sparkingg and SzylzEN will participate with Dignitas and Fiumba respectively.
  • Digital Athletics (Europe West) : The org and its Turkish roster split after PGI.S. DA attempted to qualify with a new roster but finished only 11th in PGC points. Their former players will participate though, with BBL Esports.

Regional breakdown

  • Americas have the same number of teams (6) although 1 team is traded from Latin America (2 -> 1) to North America (4 – > 5).
  • Asia has been allocated 2 fewer teams (14 -> 12). South Korea gained one (4 -> 5). China (6 -> 5), Japan (2 -> 1) and Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao (2 -> 1) all lost one.
  • APAC has been allocated one extra team (5 -> 6). Thailand lost one (3 -> 2), Vietnam has the same (2). Two slots have been taken by teams from sub-regions not represented at PGI.S : Oceania and Philippines.
  • EMEA has been allocated one extra team (7 -> 8), which went to Europe East (2 -> 3). Europe West (4) and Middle East/Africa (1) have the same.


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