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Potential changes that PUBG corp can put into the game!

Content of the article: "Potential changes that PUBG corp can put into the game!"

Hello guys! I have been playing PUBG since May/June 2018(can't remember exactly when I started) since then I fell in love with the game and have around 1.7k hours in it. I wanted to share some of my ideas with you guys and hope some of them get into the game.

General ideas:

Lower the volume of Guns/ Cars/ The plane/ scale up the sound of the foot steps and fix the sks and kar-98 sounds. Why Sks sounds the same at long range as the old one and why kar sounds like the old one with suppressor ?

Also buff the loot in normal games. I see no point in not being the same as in ranked.

Remove the red zone from the game. It is not funny and interesting to die after looting for 10 min because the loot is shit and then random bomb blows you up.

Lower the sound of the rain…

Remove bots. Their purpose ? There is no purpose. Devs think that I have more fun killing bots rather than seeing no one and they think killing bots makes new players better. There is no way for you to improve in this or any game when you are constantly killing weaker players than you.

Gun changes:

Remove shotguns and pistols. They are useless. No point in them. They are used only in the super early game when you just fell down and need any type of weapon just to kill someone. When they are removed actual ARs and other of the guns can be spawned and can be used instead. Also either remove or give some purpose to the mele weapons. Being able to throw them was good idea and I also got some funny kills with it them. 😀

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Make Scar-L viable. Atm Scar-L is shittier version of the M4 after the nerf. Make him usable. For sure buff reload speed of the Scar-L and the M4. This is only frustrating, it feels like you are reloading m24 which is sniper rifle. Beryl atm is not OP but GOD tear. There was no reason for it to being buffed. It was strong weapon which was doing a lot of dmg. Maybe if the M4 alone was just nerfed beryl would have been viable not mandatory.

Armor changes:

Here I want for them to make the armor a bit more durable. Sometimes after you exit a fight your armor is destroyed or it needs one hit before it dies completely. It was good of them that they buffed it before.

Also remove lvl 1 gear at all. It serves no point. It just takes more loot space on the ground.

Some ranked changes:

Cheaters won't say anything…

Give meaning to the ranks. They are the same as the ranks from 2 seasons ago. I am gold, match me with golds not with masters. I am bronze match me with bronze not diamonds. I prefer waiting 2 more mins rather than losing 10 mins to die from some masters and losing 20 or more points.

Queing with randoms? Fine with it, but why I am gold and they are bronze and after this I can't reque with them. The game is almost dead and it matches me with diamonds and masters. Then let me play with bronze and master players.

Points given by kills? If I finish some knocked guys which was not knocked from me or my team I get points, like why ? Give the points to the person who knocked him.

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Just to let you know I saw some of the ideas from some other players and friends. Some of these ideas comes from pro-players. Not all of them are mine but with some I came up alone.

I will be really happy to hear what you think and what would you like to see PUBG to add or remove from the game.


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