PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

PSA Help us win the war against “anti-competitive behavior”

I suspect non-reviewers might just hate this, but here's why the video review system sucks, and what you can do to help us fix it…

There are certain terms associated with players who use "anti-competitive behavior" that the moderators of our community have flagged for good reason. Conversations concerning these players can often be toxic, but sometimes unpleasant words are necessary to convey accurate information. I will substitute all references to such player with the word kitten in order to avoid triggering the community bots.

Firstly you need to understand that the system is set up to reward accuracy and punish inaccuracy, which is awesome, but this means that a reviewer is going to want to be certain before they confirm that any player is a kitten. (also awesome)

I usually end up watching each video somewhere between 10-40 times because of this. I watch it in slow motion, live action, and double speed. I've spent more than thirty minutes on a one minute clip before.

I think that I probably confirm somewhere between 10% and 15% of reports. About 30% are maybe a little suspicious but there just isn't enough evidence that they are actually kittens. These are the ones that take forever because I don't want to miss a single kitten and I absolutely never want to cause a great, or even just lucky player, to have their account blocked. The remaining 55% to 60% of reports have literally zero evidence of kittening at all.

This means I have to watch 100 videos to report 15 kittens to Tencent. To make matters worse, there has to be consensus between reviewers before a kitten gets flagged for final review by Tencent, so some of those 15 kittens are definitely going to slip through the cracks.

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It comes down to a logistics issue. There are millions of people kittening but they aren't all getting reported, and the ones that are get buried in tens of millions of reports. There are just too many videos for us to get through them all.

But there is HOPE! we can make reviewing soooo much easier! It's super simple and easy, but it involves getting as much of the community on board as possible.

Here it goes…

First the easier medicine. We only get to see a minute or two of each fight. It's often maybe a minute before you died and a handful of seconds after. Sometimes we get a little more, sometimes a little less, and we often get a couple of different kills to look at, but our total review package is often only a couple of minutes long.

So, and this is going to be understandably unpleasant for a lot of us but…

If you 100% know that a player or a team has a kitten BUT you didn't actually see them using any kittens to kill you, or immediately prior to your dying, DO NOT REPORT THEM. We are not monitoring them or watching them play. At most we are seeing an extra minute more than your death cam, and if they didn't openly kitten right then, than they will be let off.

I get it, those suspicious deaths hurt a bunch, but I wasn't there. I didn't see that he knocked three of you at 100m, with one spray from an Uzi, when he rolled up 3 minutes ago.

Or I didn't see that time a kitten keep filling the kill feed as he used his wall hack, to drive from kill to kill, until he got to you. I just saw a dude drive up and get in a fight with you.

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I get it he was kittening and you just want to make sure he gets reported so that someone will review him. It just doesn't work like that. It there was an algorithm to clip kittening for us to watch than they wouldn't need us to watch it.

You see the thing is that you aren't flagging a suspected kitten for us to check out, sadly you are just making it harder for us to find the kittens that do get caught in the act because we now have to watch video of a kitten NOT kittening.

So please do us a favor and please please please stop reporting kitteners who don't actually kitten to kill you.

I said it was easier medicine, not easy. Here's the harder pill…

I get pretty salty myself, and I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I am hear to tell you that you aren't the greatest player to ever walk the earth, that even a terrible player can get position on you sometimes, and that a lot more people will get banned if we collectively stop reporting every single player that out plays us.

I wouldn't bring it up, but I regularly play with guys who report every player who outplays them. Simply because they did something that my friends couldn't do.

For context; I play with mostly conquerors and some aces. Most of my friends are SCRIM players, some PGI, some smaller leagues and tournaments. I'm not trying to brag. I am far from the strongest player on my friends list and I'll play with anyone who has a microphone and an ability to play as a unit. I have plenty of casual playing friends too, but as I got better at the game, so did most of my friends. Even these guy get salty

Okay bring on the hate and I'll see you on the battlefield,

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PS. Also, please stop reporting so many DP deaths. Two things; First, at fifty meters the DP has a hit damage of 51. That means that it only takes two hits to the hand to kill you. Second, the first three shots from a DP, even while standing, have virtually no recoil at all. A decent player can tap fire a three round burst and pretty easily hit a head shot with their first three bullets, even at 200+ meters, and especially if they have a 6X scope. I've done it with a 2X. It's not only possible, it's not really that hard.


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