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PUBG Continental Series 3 Finals: Asia | Day 2 | Game Thread

Content of the article: "PUBG Continental Series 3 Finals: Asia | Day 2 | Game Thread"

Welcome to the second day of PUBG Continental Series 3 (PCS3) Asia Finals!

Feel free to discuss the event, cheer for your favorite teams, share your reactions as a player gets that squad wipe!

Unsure what the PCS3 is? Check out our event overview.



  • 16 teams:
    • Top 6 teams from Korean Qualifier
    • Top 6 teams from Chinese Qualifier
    • Top 2 teams from Japanese Qualifier
    • Top 2 teams from TWHKMO Qualifier
  • 3 weeks, 24 matches (4 matches per day)


Time 2:00am 5:00am 10:00 11:00 19:00

Participating Teams:

Afreeca Freecs Detonation Gaming White Four Angry Men Gen.G
Korean Qualifier Japanese Qualifier Chinese Qualifier Korean Qualifier
R0wha Melofo xxxLu Aqua5
EJ Machao CRAZY112 Pio
Hansia Gokuri Godv Inonix
daengchae SSeeS Forever Loki
Shadow Pignan
Global Esports Xsset Griffin Infantry K7 Esports
TWHKMO Qualifier Korean Qualifier Chinese Qualifier TWHKMO Qualifier
MaoYe56 2heart 9 ZhenNan
Cc Minsung Jiaoyang Savior
YanLi Asura LongSkr BuYoHoo
Leo Hwan2da Boliang Lokslok
Life 2tap L1nnnn
Multi Circle Gaming NewHappy OGN Entus OP.GG Sports
Chinese Qualifier Chinese Qualifier Korean Qualifier Korean Qualifier
995iTank xkkk Under Alphaca
EviLLee MMingDD kAyle Dumbo
Summer likeNan Seongjang Ayoh
LingDuuuuuu Giaoqq Indigo Silky
Z1yinlxx Dabg miha
Petrichor Road SunSister Tianba Esports VRLU Ghibli
Chinese Qualifier Japanese Qualifier Chinese Qualifier Korean Qualifier
XDD CrazySam Mingzl Lambu
Myl Fhy M200 DAEVA
Mamu kendesu NN Spear
longDD poly LuRenA Hikari
Monsters Z9Max PLIKHE
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Match Winners:

Match Team
Match #5 TBD
Match #6 TBD
Match #7 TBD
Match #8 TBD

Overall Standings:

Place Team Place Points Kill Points Total Points
#1 VRLU Ghibli 12 35 47
#2 Multi Circle Gaming 14 26 40
#3 OGN Entus 15 25 40
#4 NewHappy 12 21 33
#5 Afreeca Freecs 10 18 28
#6 OP.GG Sports 15 13 28
#7 K7 Esports 10 16 26
#8 Tianba Esports 10 11 21
#9 Four Angry Men 4 15 19
#10 Gen.G 2 12 14
#11 Global Esports Xsset 5 8 13
#12 Griffin 6 7 13
#13 SunSister 3 9 12
#14 Infantry 5 6 11
#15 Petrichor Road 2 8 10
#16 Detonation Gaming White 3 7 10​


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