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PUBG Continental Series 3 Finals: Asia Pacific | Day 6 | Game Thread

Content of the article: "PUBG Continental Series 3 Finals: Asia Pacific | Day 6 | Game Thread"

Welcome to the last day of PUBG Continental Series 3 (PCS3) Asia Pacific Finals!

Feel free to discuss the event, cheer for your favorite teams, share your reactions as a player gets that squad wipe!

Unsure what the PCS3 is? Check out our event overview.



  • 16 teams:
    • LG Divine as the PCS2 Champion
    • Top 5 of Thailand Series
    • Top 4 of Vietnam Series
    • Top 2 of Oceanic Qualifier
    • Top 2 of Indonesia Series
    • Winner of Philippine Series
    • Winner of MYSG Series
  • 3 weeks, 24 matches (4 matches per day)


Time 2:00am 5:00am 10:00 11:00 19:00

Participating Teams:

Angel Alliance Battle Arena Elites Buriram United Esports Cerberus Esports
Philippine Series MY/SG Series Thailand Master Series Vietnam Series
MAD-DOG sophiya666 Noardra SsuBang
EvlPtrick Neferhor Eaddy Basill
AljnB0Tz Lokies Conaxy HaiSaki
Nann Jouxy Godmiao Sololzy
Jowman Smell
Daytrade Gaming DivisionX Gaming From The Future FURY
Thailand Master Series Vietnam Series Indonesia Series Oceanic Qualifier
FLASH Sapauu GipsyDanger Fludd
vanOtica LongK Mipanzuzu Insight
PuuChiwz Fergus xxx11165 Ronon
Nourinz NielT Exagonid Ykikamucow
Belmothz NBK
Hydra Gaming LG Divine Magic Esport Purple Mood E-Sport
Vietnam Series PCS2 Champion Thailand Master Series Thailand Master Series
SimonT JEnd Valakz Bossense
MicKey Nickyyy Imuma Justmoments
TuanRoBo Leviz TongK LOSSANTOS
RabbitxAn Turtle Sulabi RockyJims
HaiWuLian-_- Junnn BossShi
Sharper Esport Team Ferox Unicorn Cyber Danang Victim Rise
Thailand Master Series Oceanic Qualifier Vietnam Series Indonesia Series
TeenoiPpt Rain BEST1301 Chibiritt
KimS1VA Sweetsoul Clee C1moy15G
SixSackz mewnty Tuanz Kamalz
MAGSONUS 6RYN Datblue GenFos
Ginny GemD
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Match Winners:

Match Team
Match #21 TBD
Match #22 TBD
Match #23 TBD
Match #24 TBD

Overall Standings:

Place Team Place Points Kill Points Total Points
#1 Buriram United Esports 73 105 178
#2 LG Divine 65 99 164
#3 DivisionX Gaming 46 96 142
#4 FURY 43 95 138
#5 Cerberus Esports 57 77 134
#6 Angel Alliance 41 88 129
#7 Sharper Esport 32 90 122
#8 Purple Mood E-Sport 41 69 110
#9 Victim Rise 32 77 109
#10 Magic Esport 37 72 109
#11 Battle Arena Elites 35 69 104
#12 From The Future 29 63 92
#13 Hydra Gaming 37 54 91
#14 Daytrade Gaming 23 43 66
#15 Team Ferox 27 36 63
#16 Unicorn Cyber Danang 18 36 54​


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