PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)


Hello there People of reddit,

Just really quickly my Setup:
R7 3700X (no OC)
Alpenföhn broken 3 cooler
32GB DDR4-3200 RAM (running on 2133 for troubleshooting)
MSI X570 MPG Mainboard
Win 10 newest update

this is gonna be a longer Post, so here's a TL;DR:
– Pubg crashes a lot at random times in the game
– tried a LOT of trouble shooting steps that I will list below. (also see microsoft community link )
– got some clues it's the CPU, hope it's not

Now for the long thread:
fyi: I have no problems with ANY game. Just PUBG.

This is how the crash looks like f.e.

As already stated in the TL;DR: My PUBG is crashin A LOT. Multiple times per Match, it's literally unplayable. I have a download link for 4GBs of crashes (found in <...>AppDataLocalTslGameSavedCrashes) workupload link crashes rar – maybe you guys can find anything usefull in there. (password: crashes )
This is what I've tried so far: (also see microsoft community link )

  • Reinstall Game / Windows / Drivers (even chipset)
  • Use older drivers / compatibility mode / clean boot
  • Bought a new Mainboard, SSD, PSU- problems persisted even then
  • any cmd tries: (bcdedit, chkdsk, sfc /scannow)
  • driver identifier ( had problems here )
    • deleted software that was in touch with faulty drivers – problems persisted
  • Memtest ( 16 hours – no errors )
  • p95 ( had problems with prime95 ) – running for more than 6 hours
    • Workers failed multiple times
    • had some BSODs (Kernel_Thread_Priority_Floor_Violation f.e.)
  • many more – if I'll recall I'll add

First I thought it's something GPU related because temps were kinda spiking and when the crashes were happening the usage climbed to 100% for a millisecond and after that the game was crashing. After going through all the trouble shooting shit I found on the microsoft community site we came to the conclusion it is the CPU. I still have the feeling it's something software related since this is literally the only program not working properly (besides p95 which I found very strange) – I of course hope you guys can find something else that points out the problem.

This is basically it. I really don't know what I can add to this besides: I hope you guys can help me out and I really fucking damn hope it's not the CPU because I got no fucking money for a new one…


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