PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

PUBG Global Invitational.S | Weekly Survival #4 | Day 1 | Discussion Thread

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First match begins:

2am 10:00 11:00

The full schedule can be found here.

Participating Teams

Team Liquid FaZe Clan TSM ENCE
Europe Europe Europe Europe
Jeemzz Fuzzface Fexx Rustanmar
ibiza ubah vard SKUIJKE
mxey Aitzy MiracU Tiikzu
clib Gustav Iroh D1gg3r1
PiXeL1K rawryy Wookiebookie
Digital Athletics Natus Vincere Four Angry Men
Europe Europe Europe China
mert ceh9 H1RUZEN xxxLu
Mitraleius Besto spyrro CRAZY112
Smash TheTab Lu Godv
CodeMarco Orange BatulinS Forever
Kemba7 Pignan
Tianba Infantry Triumphant Song Gaming MultiCircle Gaming
China China China China
LinShuNN 9 IAMSIA Tank
LuRenA Jiaoyang PengEGM EviLLee
M200 LongSkr ShanD1anX Summer
Z9Max Boliang VoliBEAR LingD
mingz1 L1nnnn yuyu Z1yinlxx
Petrichor Road Attack All Around Buriram United Esports Daytrade Gaming
China Southeast Asia Southeast Asia Southeast Asia
Aixleft J4nku2of Conaxy PuuChiwz
Myl SviTT Eaddy Nourinz
Mamu Jayers Jowman FLASH
LongDD Gems Noardra vanOtica
Grayyyyyy Boblee Godmiao Belmothz
LG Divine DivisionX Gaming Soniqs Shoot to Kill
Southeast Asia Southeast Asia North America North America
Nickyyy LongK hwinn aLOW
Leviz Fergus Shrimzy PurdyKurty
Turtle IQ500 M1me Uncivil
Junnn NBK TGLTN luke12
JEnd NielT Sharpshot Pentalol
Oath Zenith Esports Afreeca Freecs DAMWON Gaming
North America North America Korea Korea
PAT_KAPS Kickstart Akad Under
Relo Roth EJ kAyle
Balefrost Poonage Hansia Seongjang
Snakers Shinboi Hikari Indigo
Trevor wo1f R0wha
Gen.G T1 Meta Gaming FURIA Esports
Korea Korea Latin America Latin America
Esther Starlord SzylzEN rustyzera
Pio Aqua5 sparkingg killdemo
Inonix Adder Kriztem raspu
Loki Daengchae Ragnar necroAQN
Alphaca WICK2D
ENTER FORCE.36 DetonatioN Gaming White Global Esports Xsset K7 Esports
Japan Japan Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei
Sylphia Melofo Leo BuYoHoo
sayou Machao MaoYe56 ZhenNan
amonot Gokuri YanLi Lokslokkk
Pureboy SSeeS Cc Savior
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Starting Order

#1 FaZe Clan #9 Afreeca Freecs #17 Meta Gaming #25 DivisionX Gaming
#2 #10 Daytrade Gaming #18 Petrichor Road #26 Digital Athletics
#3 Gen.G #11 Tianba #19 DAMWON Gaming #27 TSM
#4 Shoot to Kill #12 T1 #20 Soniqs #28 DetonatioN Gaming White
#5 MultiCircle Gaming #13 Zenith Esports #21 FURIA Esports #29 Global Esports Xsset
#6 Oath #14 Triumphant Song Gaming #22 Infantry #30 ENTER FORCE.36
#7 ENCE #15 Natus Vincere #23 Four Angry Men #31 Buriram United Esports
#8 Team Liquid #16 LG Divine #24 K7 Esports

Overall Stage Leaderboard

*Teams in Italic have qualified to Weekly Finals

Place Team Place Points Kill Points Total Points Total Prize Money
#1 FaZe Clan $101000
#2 $55000
#3 Gen.G $52500
#4 Shoot to Kill $51500
#5 MultiCircle Gaming $4000
#6 Oath $4000
#7 ENCE $12500
#8 Team Liquid $15000
#9 Afreeca Freecs $26000
#10 Daytrade Gaming $5000
#11 Tianba $0
#12 T1 $1000
#13 Zenith Esports $2000
#14 Triumphant Song Gaming $4000
#15 Natus Vincere $5000
#16 LG Divine $0
#17 Meta Gaming $0
#18 Petrichor Road $0
#19 DAMWON Gaming $0
#20 Soniqs $10000
#21 FURIA Esports $0
#22 Infantry $39250
#23 Four Angry Men $56250
#24 K7 Esports $0
#25 DivisionX Gaming $0
#26 Digital Athletics $0
#27 TSM $0
#28 DetonatioN Gaming White $0
#29 Global Esports Xsset $0
#30 ENTER FORCE.36 $0
#31 Buriram United Esports $0
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Match Information

Match Map Winner
#1 Erangel TBD
#2 Miramar TBD
#3 Erangel TBD
#4 Miramar TBD
#5 Erangel TBD


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