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PUBG Is Pretty Great Right Now, So Why Isn’t it More Popular? (TPPvsFPP Balancing)

Content of the article: "PUBG Is Pretty Great Right Now, So Why Isn’t it More Popular? (TPPvsFPP Balancing)"

The game is actually in a really good state right now, the problem is games need new content to get new players or at minimum maintain their playerbase, and when they add content they always mess it up badly imo. E.G. when they add a map it's usually buggy and poorly optimized and has bad loot. It took them forever to get Vikendi right including taking it out of rotation for several months, Sanhok was always a controversial map and it's rework wasn't terribly popular, Miramar has barely been touched since it launched and is the most dated map in the game currently, Karakin was a total miss and while Paramo is a great map it has obvious flaws with Squads only (previously TPP only), and no stat tracking.

As seen in this recent poll, none of the new maps have been particularly popular with the community, especially the most recent 2.

Also, Ranked was done pretty poorly and had a huge hacking problem. It could have been a major boost to the game, as most successful multiplayer games have a ranked mode, but instead of increasing player count it made a lot of players leave, since they had to choose between playing against bots or playing against hackers.

IMO FPP players are more interested in fighting and competition over survival, so Ranked and Unranked should be combined in FPP. Meaning esports loot settings and esports circles (especially having slower moving hard hitter later circles would be much better), but with 100 players. You can leave TPP alone so that they have the same survival-oriented BR game but FPP players will be happy as well.

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I started playing the game in TPP on Xbox. I then moved to TPP on PC and later FPP on PC. I've played probably 500+ hours in TPP and around 2,500 hours in FPP.

I think the biggest mistake PUBG Corp has made is by treating the FPP and TPP player bases the same. There should be completely different design and balancing choices made for TPP and FPP. Maybe even separate maps.

The game is played completely differently in TPP and FPP and should be treated that way. The way people loot, move, and fight is totally different between modes. So when it comes to weapon balancing, map design when it comes to elevation and cover, building layout, loot balance, circle settings etc. a design choice that makes sense for one mode may have a huge negative affect on the other mode.

For me shotguns are a great example. In TPP, shotguns are a great way to go if you want to be very aggressive. You can camera peak around cover and into rooms without exposing yourself at all, locating enemies that are hiding out and lining up your shot, peaking, and firing in one smooth motion. It's so easy to clear campers out of buildings this way.

In FPP this is impossible. Every time you come around a corner you face the possibility of being one-shot by a shotgun without getting the chance to even turn and fire back. There's no way to to clear rooms without exposing yourself, so every time you enter a room you are rolling the dice. Even if you have a shotgun yourself your at a disadvantage as all the camper has to do is hold the doorway and pull the trigger. Meanwhile you have to flick quickly to your opponent and hit them square on, if you pull the trigger slightly too early half your pellets will miss and you'll be dead. So if you go into a room say looking left into the main part of the room but instead your enemy is to the right behind the door, your toast.

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At least with the old shotgun balance you would have to hit people 2x, giving them a chance to react and maybe pull off a headshot if their skilled or lucky.

Shotguns should have their old balance in FPP and their new balance in TPP. The same could be said for a lot of guns as well as throwables.

E.G. consider grenades. grenades are a lot riskier to throw in TPP, because a lot of the time you have to expose yourself to throw one. Say you hit someone for 90 damage and they hide behind a rock to heal your cook a grenade and prepare to throw. Now in FPP your opponent has no idea that that's happening and is dead if you throw it right. In TPP they can SEE YOU putting your gun away, stop healing and shoot you while your getting ready to throw you grenade. That makes grenades WAAAY more powerful in FPP than in TPP. In FPP the current grenade balance is great, it's low risk and potentially high reward. In TPP, it's a much higher risk to throw a grenade, and isn't a smart choice when your in the open pretty much ever since you'll just get caught with your pants down, and even if you land the grenade it's not guaranteed to kill.

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