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PUBG MOBILE – Aftermath: Livik


How many people still remember the disaster known as the "calamity of Livik"?

Volcanoes awakened when the snow melted. To avoid the concentrated bombardment on the island, a team of escapees blasted open a lava wall with a drilling machine in a moment of desperation to make the volcano erupt ahead of time, and make it seem like they have been wiped out. It was a gamble with a slim chance of survival.

Livik, which had already been bombarded, was completely engulfed by the billowing smoke of the volcanic eruption, and the ecology of the island was also destroyed. As they could not detect any signs of life, the pursuers judged that the team had been wiped out by the volcanic eruption. They then evacuated from the ruins of the island.

In the next ten years, the survivors of the calamity of Livik trained day and night with their new equipment to prevent the same thing from happening again when the next threat arises. The land gradually recovered because of their strong willpower. The scars of the calamity had yet to fade, but life had started to return on the island.

The island was filled with broken walls covered with bullet marks and giant trees covered in moss. This is the new battlefield – Aftermath: Livik.

Join this battlefield! Your presence will bring Livik back to life.

New Battlefield

How has the battlefield changed in Aftermath: Livik?

The first and most important change is how this mode is entered.

Aftermath: Livik is only available in Unranked. Go to Unranked and select Classic Mode to see the iconic volcano of Aftermath: Livik.

The second change is the new design of the map.

The new homes of the island dwellers that have been rebuilt on top of the ruins are smaller, and scattered independent buildings are now a rare sight. Three hills divide the island into five areas. Most of the terrain is flat and open even though some parts of the terrain are obviously higher than others.

Other than the weeds, all other common vegetation is now quite short, so it is easier to see the scenery in the distance.

Obviously, this means that battles will be more intense, so watch out for the enemies around you!

Players will take less damage in the playzone now, and the playzone will take longer to shrink. In short, players will have enough time to prepare in each phase, as well as to explore the unique terrain of this map.

But, that is not all. The map's performance has also been upgraded to provide a smoother experience with a higher frame rate and less lag.

However, this is still a beta map, so please share your feedback with us!


In Aftermath: Livik, all players will be equipped with Tactical Glasses that show the weapon damage dealt to enemies. At the same time, if there are footstep sounds or gunshot sounds, players will see the direction of the sound in this vision and on the mini-map.

But, if you are confident in your ability to tell where sounds are coming from, you can disable this in the settings to reduce the visual interference.

This is obviously not the only advanced device! There is also the shop, Recall Tower, Riot Shield, et cetera. These will be explained in the upcoming introductions.

Before reading about them, why not take a look at them for yourself in Aftermath?

AC Core Module

In Aftermath: Livik, all firearms that are picked up have their own AC Core Module. The AC Core Module is a core weapon modification technology that greatly reduces the recoil of weapons to make them easier to aim and control. It is the best helper to any beginner, as it makes it easier to control weapons, and it has a crucial role when searching for enemies at medium and long range.

After the new sight has been installed on the weapons, the location of enemies that are struck will be automatically marked and shared with teammates to help them determine the best place to provide support. If you are worried that this will cause distractions when your team is acting independently, you can disable this in the settings.

When a weapon that is equipped with the AC Core Module hits an enemy, the total damage dealt within a short period of time will be displayed on the sight, which makes it more convenient to make tactical decisions, such as whether you need to use throwables to deal more damage.


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