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PUBG MOBILE Community Event – Bullet Storm

Hello Everyone!The madness and mayhem happening on Karakin is officially in full swing. We’re seen many of you blasting your way through structures and navigating the underground tunnels to your chicken dinners and needless to say, we’re impressed. With all the new ways to play on Karakin, we thought it would be a great time to check out all the hidden strategies and methods you’re all using to take down your opponents. For this next community event, we want to see how you’re using these new tactics to their fullest potential. Check out the event details below to see how you can get involved.

How to Enter

  • For this event, we’re asking all of you to capture your best clips of getting eliminations on the new Karakin map by shooting their target through walls, blowing up structures, or anything else that you can think of that is specific to the new map Karakin.
  • These clips then have to be posted on social media, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, in a public post with the hashtag #PUBGMBullet

Judging and Prizing

  • There will be three (3) winners selected for this event
  • Each of the three winners will receive $150 dollars worth on in-game UC
  • Judging will be done by the PUBG MOBILE Community Team
  • Judging for these videos will be based on how unique the video created is, how well it captures the new bullet penetration and structure destruction features available on the Karakin map
  • All judging and prizing will be left up to the discretion of the PUBG MOBILE Community Team
  • Community members will be able to post multiple clips of themselves completing this task however if one is selected as a winner all others will be disqualified
  • Community members can only win one time and will be disqualified from the event if they are found to be trying to win on multiple social accounts.
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From the Karaking community and VIP showmatches, we’ve already caught a glimpse of the amazing things you’re all capable of doing on Karakin. We’re really looking forward to seeing even more of these moments and know that you will not disappoint. Good luck everyone, and we’ll see you on the battlefield.


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