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PUBG Mobile Firearms (both Classic and TDM) ranked by Damage Per Second

Content of the article: "PUBG Mobile Firearms (both Classic and TDM) ranked by Damage Per Second"


Blue rows are TDM Weapons that have damage/bullet that differ from their Classic counterparts more than 0.4. Red rows are Airdrop weapons found in Classic Maps. Uncolored rows are non-airdrop classic weapons.


Rate of fire (ROF) values were obtained using the Time Dilation Frame-Analysis technique detailed in my other research post:

All classic-weapon damages were imported from TheBushka's website:

TDM-weapon damages were calculated by an experimenter firing a single shot at the naked, unprotected chest of a test subject, who then kills the experimenter. As the experimenter dies, the damage done to the enemy from that single shot is displayed in the damage-feed at the bottom right corner of the screen. That damage is recorded and the process is repeated for all weapons available in TDM. The following weapons were skipped due to the incredible difficulty of measuring their actual damage per bullet: Kar98k, M24, S686, S1897, M1014, and AWM. Specifically, these weapons always dealt 120 damage per bullet regardless of distance. While not included in the table, the Win94 dealt 102 damage per bullet and the Deagle dealt 62 damage per bullet. TDM-weapon damage/bullet that differ by less than 0.4 compared to the Classic-weapon damage/bullet provided by TheBushka were discarded in the assumption that TheBushka's values which contain more significant digits are more accurate and precise than my values.

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The Damage/second (DPS) values were then calculated by multiplying the Damage/Bullet by Bullets/Second. TDM weapons were color-coded as blue. Airdrop weapons found in Classic matches are red, and non-airdrop classic weapons are uncolored.


The SLR and SKS receive massive buffs in TDM mode, having a Damage/Bullet of 92 and 84 respectively. This provides these 7.62mm DMRs with frightening DPS values even greater than the MK14, which is commonly known as the fastest-killing weapon in Classic mode. Interestingly, this "DMR buff" extends to the 5.56mm DMRs, providing both the QBU and Mini-14 with 65 Damage/Bullet and an identical DPS of 650, which is higher than that of both TDM- and Classic-Groza. The Groza is nerfed in TDM mode, having ~3 Damage/Bullet less than its Classic counterpart. This data explains and confirms the possibility of consistently 2-shotting an enemy player using either the SLR or the SKS as long as 1 of those 2 bullets hits the head.

This data can also be found in spreadsheet format at this link:

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