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PUBG MOBILE – First Stage of Beta Version 1.4

The first stage of the PUBG MOBILE beta version 1.4 is available! Up to 20 000 beta testers can participate this time. You can experience the brand new beta content (Godzilla, Kong and Mechagodzilla bring a new Titan Strikes battle experience) by joining the test server, and you can quickly find ways to score. However, be advised that as soon as 20 000 players have entered the testing phase, there will be no more slots available at this time. Hurry up and join us in providing valuable feedback about your experience!


1. Via the global version's Events, open the Test Server category within the Recommended events.

2. Click on the Generate Code button. If you have logged into the global server with a non-guest account for more than 1 day within the last 7 days and for more than 3 days within the last 30 days, and if the account is level 15 or above, you will successfully receive a link code. You can proceed by downloading the test server directly from this section by clicking on the Download The Test Server button.

3. After logging into the test server, enter the link code to participate in the beta testing and experience the new content. You can get high-value sets in the test server and rewards in the global server by joining the fight. Please do not share your link code with other players. If someone violates our game rules by using your link code, your global server account will be suspended.

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After downloading the test server, remember to acquire your own link code in the global server via Events.

New Content

1. Godzilla Theme

Three Titans have arrived in the Erangel, Sanhok, and Livik, bringing a new Titan Strikes battle experience with them. While this mode is available, a special entrance with the designs of the Titans will appear in the selection screen of the three Classic maps. You can tap this to enter the mode.

Spawn Island Cinematic

  • On the Spawn Island of Erangel and Sanhok, you can watch a special cinematic.


  • Godzilla and Kong move around in Erangel and Sanhok, respectively, and their position is shown on the minimap in real time. They can perform a variety of actions while moving around the map, and you will be knocked back and take massive damage if the Titans stomp on you.

Apex Supply Camp

  • A camp left behind by the Apex exploration team will appear on the map. The camp is sealed and cannot be entered. After the Titans move to the camp, they will destroy the camp, allowing you to enter and pick up supplies.

Titan Crystals

  • Godzilla will sporadically fire beams into the sky, affecting the surface of the earth around it. This generates an unstable crystal that you can throw to cause a biological energy explosion.
  • Kong sporadically beats its chest, roars, and smashes the ground, causing special energy to be released from under the ground. You can pick up this energy and use it to stimulate their biological energy, making them move faster and jump higher.
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  • Mechagodzilla scans the whole map regularly. Scanned areas will produce a special electromagnetic scanning crystal that you can pick up and use to momentarily expose the location of nearby enemies.

PvE mob settlements

  • The Titan energy attracts other smaller mobs to appear in Erangel. When the Titans pass by a mob settlement, they will use their own methods to eliminate the small mobs. In settlements, mobs will actively attack players that get close to them, and you will get battle supplies by eliminating the small mobs.

Electromagnetic Scanner

  • Mechagodzilla cannot move in Livik, but it scans the whole map regularly, exposing the locations of all players in the scanned areas on the minimap.

2. New Arena Map

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the test server?

The test server is the only official PUBG MOBILE beta testing server. You can experience the new version contained in this server. Be active and report bugs in the test server, so you can receive the global server rewards.

2. What is the difference between versions 1, 2 and 3?

Generally, there will be 3-4 versions released during the whole test period. The content released in each stage is different. We hope each test version will offer you a varying experience.

3. Why is there a link code mechanism?

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Some players in the previous test server were violating our game rules. In order to prevent your experience from being impacted by such behavior, we have introduced this link code mechanism. If you violate our game rules in the test server, you will be punished on the associated global server account.

4. Where can I acquire the link code?

Via the global server's Events, open the Test Server category within the Recommended events.

5. Where can I receive active rewards for participating the test server?

Via the global server's Events, open the Test Server category within the Recommended events. Click on the two tab at the top to be brought to the rewards section. You will receive the specified rewards when you have met the activity requirements.


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