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PUBG secretly buffed the M416 and the Vector and who knows what else? PROOF:

Content of the article: "PUBG secretly buffed the M416 and the Vector and who knows what else? PROOF:"

So literally just yesterday, I made a really long post detailing the "official firing rates" of all the weapons in PUBG as of Update 1.0. However, PUBG has a really weird habit of shadow-buffing or shadow-nerfing weapons without telling us. For one, it was NEVER mentioned that M416 or Vector would get a firing rate buff. All that was mentioned was that UMP45 and Thompson SMG was going to be buffed….in various ways. However, just today, 1 day after the 1.0 release, I discovered that the M416 and the Vector (and who knows what else) is now significantly faster than before.

In this video, I share with you my findings and how I collected the data, and as usual, if you don't have time for my super tedious, boring video that puts even myself to sleep, then here is the newly-updated "official" firing rates of all full-auto weapons in PUBG Mobile:

A few things to note:

  1. The new vector fires at nearly the same rate as an Uzi, 19 rounds a second compared to 21 rounds per second. This is VERY VERY fast. Vector, as a result, could be the newest fastest-killing, fully-automatic, non-airdrop weapon in PUBG mobile now.
  2. M416 has been buffed to perform like the PC-version. It no longer has a 0.096-second-delay in between shots, but instead 0.086-second-delay, which is exactly like the PC-M416. I have NOT tested the other 5.56 mm ARs yet, but I also noticed that G36C and AUG at least, have similar firing rates to the newly-buffed M416, which means I can assume that these 5.56mm ARs no longer shoot 10~ rounds per second, but more like 12~ rounds per second.
  3. I have NOT tested M762 yet, but knowing how the purpose of M762's existence is to have a 7.62mm AR that could fire as fast as the 5.56mm ARs, then I'm assuming that M762 as well as been shadowbuffed without us knowing.
  4. The UMP45 is a VERY weird case. Even though I know it has already been "buffed" yesterday when the 1.0 release came out, it's been performing very peculiar. Sometimes when I pick up the weapon, it fires at 12~ rounds a second, and other times, it fires at it's old, slower 10~ rounds a second. This is very very confusing for me. I'm not sure whether this is just a glitch (I have included footage of the UMP45 literally changing its rate of fire mid-training room) or whether this is another shadowbuff. Please let me know what you guys think.
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