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Quick throwables tips

Content of the article: "Quick throwables tips"

Everyone knows throwables are useful but using them is hard. These tips might help

  • The throwables graphic is only useful for aiming. It's not very useful for judging distances, except you use the free look button (eye button)

  • All Throwables will fly further if you line them up 45 degrees. 90 degrees is looking straight up. 45 degrees is half of that ( around where the ground meets the sky) Running will give you an extra 5 meters. Jumping doesn't do anything, so stop jumping while throwing your nades, you're reducing your speed.

  • Grenades bounce when they hit a surfaces and move an extra 2-3 meters after they land This is why nades miss a lot. So it's really important that your nades land on impact. For close targets cook till 2 seconds left. For distant targets cook till 3 seconds left. Another way to take advantage of this bounciness of nades is by hitting them off walls, allowing you nade targets from safe or difficult angles

  • Grenades block sound. This can be taken advantage of in two ways. If an enemy is in a building, you can toss one nade on the roof top, everyone inside the building will go deaf, allowing you push without footstep sounds. Another way to take advantage of the sound blocking behaviour of nades is to throw a second nade immediately the first goes off. The enemy won't hear the second nade drop, so they won't run or hide.

  • Molotovs and flash grenades are more effective for breaching enemies in buildings than grenades because they take a shorter time to go off.

  • throwing 2 molotov cocktails gives twice the area spread. You can easily torch the entire floor by throwing 2 or 3 mollies, forcing the enemy to expose themselves. Mollies are also very effective in wooden buildings as they spread very fast.

  • flash grenades block both sight and sound, but don't last very long. So only throw when you're close to the building


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