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Results of the ranked map poll I ran yesterday

So a few things first. My poll didn’t get nearly as much attention as the original one, which was to be expected. Mine wasn’t integrated into reddit, was posted at a relatively dead hour of the day for this sub, required more time to respond to and being on the same subject as the previous poll probably didn’t help either. At the time of doing this write-up, my poll has 640 votes (sorry number 641), and the original has 5.1k. So take the results here with a grain of salt.

That said, the results didn’t change much from the 10th vote to the 640th. Miramar and Teago were always neck and neck, Erangel was always first and Sanhok was always last. I think It’s pretty fair to say that these standings give a good representation of the subs' feelings, but still, keep the low response count in mind. Anyway, here are the rankings.

Similar to u/styx-n-stones64's poll which inspired this post, in which roughly 57% of people said Erangel was their favorite map, 52.8% of respondents said Erangel was their favorite this time around. So there is a margin of error when comparing the Erangel results, but nothing massive or out of the ordinary for a survey.

As the original poll only had people choose their favorite, the rest of the results were quite different. Unlike the other poll, which had Sanhok in third after Miramar, it ranks dead last when we use a ranking system, which isn’t at all surprising. As expected Miramar and Teago made up the next 2 most popular maps, being very close the whole time. I wasn’t sure which one of the two would come second, so it isn’t much of a surprise to see them so close.

I starting thinking while seeing the results that this paints a decent picture of how ranked-choice and single vote elections can have vastly different results outside of the winner.

Complete table:

Favorite2nd3rd4rth5th6thLeast Fav

Some more stats:

76% of respondents had Erangel in their top 3.

62% had Miramar in their top 3.

Only 4% of respondents consider Sanhok to be their favorite map, and only 17.7% had it in their top 3. It was voted least favorite by 43.9% of the respondents.

19.8% had Karakin in their top 3.

Paramo is the only map with a lower favorite (1.5%) and top 3 (12.4%) rate than Sanhok. But compared to Sanhok’s 281 least favorite votes, Paramo was only voted least favorite 67 times.

61.9% had Teago in their top 3.

Interestingly, of the 13 people who rated Erangel last, 6 chose Teago as their favorite map.

Of the 26 people who rated Sanhok first, 14 rated Miramar as their least favorite, which makes more sense to me, given the very different experiences both maps provide.

Sanhok and Teago are the only two maps that don't rank according to their release order.

The biggest takeaway for me, which, again, is not surprising in the least was this:Sanhok was chosen as the least favorite map (43.9%) more times than it was present in someone's top 5 (40%).

My scientific conclusion: delete Sanhok.

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

If you're curious about any more specific stats, let me know.

In case anyone's wondering, I voted: Teago, Vikendi, Erangel, Karakin, Miramar, Paramo, Sanhok.


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