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Hi, Reddit. My name is Hao, and I’m a decent PUBG mobile player. I have been playing the game since season 3. I’m really enjoy playing pubgm and wanted to get all the mythic skins, especially the Pharaoh X suit. Pharaoh is the best and the most amazing skin of all time, the more I look at it, the more I want to get it, but b4 when pharaoh comes out I quit playing due to too busy and have to take care of my family. Time goes on, when the season 12 started I start to play again, but I’m disappointed that I can’t get my hand on the pharaoh x suit. So one day I have an idea in my mind that’s I will buy the pubgm account online with pharaoh outfit. I came across g2g, z2u, YouTube, etc. Everything went smoothly. Right? No, not at all! I got scammed a lot, but I will not talk about all of them. I will only mention the biggest and the most expert scammer. First scammer, the YT scammer that has almost 1 million subscribers. Yes! You read it right! 1 million subscribers aka (YT scammer). He has 3 channels name Tony Sama, Tony Sama Gaming, and other shi×t. His main channel is Tony Sama with 1 mil sub that he uploaded mostly gameplay of PUBG mobile. I subscribed to him a year ago because of how rich his inventory is, and he plays like a pro, so basically I’m a long time fan of his video but one day, I try to find an account to buy, so I searched “pubg mobile account for sale” and his video pop up and titled “selling my back-up account” that’s cost as much as someone kidneys, but he's selling for $1200 and the other for $1700. He put his Instagram in the description box so if you want to buy the account you can do him on there. I did that instantly because the account he's selling is 10x better than what I wanted and way too cheap. I talked to him about the account and everything seen legit + he is a big YouTuber + he is Vietnamese just like me. So I think and then ask myself. “ He won’t do anything stupid to ruining the reputation of his YouTube channel right??? Anyway, he asks me to pay him using PayPal but send the payment as (friend and family), which have no protection covered by PayPal. I almost do that but my gut telling me something isn’t right. So I send him $1700 as good and service instead if anything happens PayPal can help me get my money back. After I send the money, he seems fine with it, but then things get sus like among us. He was changing his name and picture, so I ask him why did he do that? He said, “he thought I’m going to scam him then open dispute on PayPal and get my money back”. This is the excuse that every fk scammer says when u ask them to use PayPal to send payments. At that point thing just went downhill then I start to search his name on it Tony Sama Scammer” and guessed what? He has been scamming his fan for five months Maybe even longer If you want to watch the video that got him exposed you can search it up on YouTube. There are many videos on YT that uploaded by victims of Tony’s scam. It makes me sad and angry from watching all those videos so please, if you have YT account pls report him and ban this motherfker before more people get fooled by him. Anyway, back to PayPal. I eventually open a case on PayPal and get my money back after 2 weeks. Second scammer, the expert scammer. I found him on g2g. Before I talk about g2g I want to let you know that g2g is not a scammer site but the best site to buy a game account. It just scammer found a way around it to use it to find victims and scam them. That’s y I call this the expert scammer. I found him on g2g and his profile named Sinful. I saw his post selling a mythic fashion account with max pharaoh x suit like I wanted. So I inbox him on there and ask him about the account then he asks me for my telegram number. I gave it to him, and we started to talk there for a while. I ask him to show me a video of the account and in the lobby type my name and send it to me. The reason for that because after so many scams I experienced that most of them don’t have the PUBG account they just stole a video of someone else than use it to scam. Sinful did what I ask him to, so he got a bit of my trust, then I asked him I will use PayPal to send the money ($2000). Unlike other scammers he accepted it, so I paid him. After a few minutes he said his PayPal got a problem, and it limited. He can’t accept the money and refund it back to me. He also stated that he is from Egypt, so that’s y his PayPal like that. At that point I just ignored him because it’s too obvious, but he keeps messaging me to get my attention and convince me that he is a safe and trusted seller. I have been searching for the account with pharaoh max x suit with a decent price that I can afford for over 3 months plus. I’m so desperate to get my hand on the pharaoh, so I answered him and agreed to use a different method to pay him which is using g2g to buy UC (cash in the game) then send it to his main id PUBG mobile acc. He also said that if I want to feel safer than pay $400 first per login. I said no $400 is a lot I won’t do it I will do it for 100 first and the rest after. I’m broke, LMAO I’m not going to throw 400 dollars around like that. Not only that, but I also bargain if down from 2000 to 1300 for the acc. A Few minutes of talking he agreed with the offer, but he also said that he is in a need of money right now for his rent. After all the bargain and talking I still hesitated, but my desire is stronger than my gut. I told myself f**k it I will risk $100 because I’m too tired of searching and looking for the pharaoh plus this account is pretty good. Anyway, I ordered 100 dollars worth of is UC and send it to his main PUBG mobile ID. He responds fast and said that he got it. After a couple of minutes, he gives me 1 login link to the account, but I can’t change the data of the email link he gave me yet. At that moment I was so excited and happy that I forgot all about other stuff, so I just trusted him with everything. Eventually, I make the rest of the order of UC that’s worth 1200 dollars then he stops responding to my messages and deletes all our conversations. Telegram has a function that is perfect beyond perfect for scammer which you can delete all conversations from both sides of the sender and the recipient. I think it’s so stupid. Anyway, he deletes all our conversations didn’t block me yet, so I texted him as every victim would do but not a single reply until I said I will pay him $100 more if he gives me the rest of the link then he replied. I forgot to mention that he even ask me to link my VK account to the PUBG mobile account, so I was still able to log in to the account using VK login. He started acting like I’m the one that scams him because I said I will report his main I’d if he didn’t give me the acc. He also threatened me if I don’t pay he going to ban the acc. Furthermore, he did it but not actually ban it, more like a temporary ban using file editor to modify PUBG app to a different version so every time I try to log in to the account I will get the error message said,” the account has been login with the newest version of the game”. I did it I send him another $100 because I want the pharaoh so bad, and I don’t want to lose it, after he received it he blocks me. There is more to it that I want to tell you, but I don’t want to make the post any longer but in the end, I lost 1400 US dollars. The Good thing is that I manage to log in to the account and ban it using a cheat modified PUBG app that I found on Google to stop him from scamming others. I wrote this post here today to give you all the advice and a lesson that I learned. Patient is key. I’m leaving the info of the second scammer below, so please report him for me and others. PUBG mobile ID: 5253185881 Telegram #: +20 100 700 9203

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