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Servers ignoring hits? I see my teammate land shots while spectating, but they don’t deal damage.

Content of the article: "Servers ignoring hits? I see my teammate land shots while spectating, but they don’t deal damage."

TLDR: I see my teammates shots hitting when I'm spectating them while dead. Their shots don't deal damage.

I see my teammates land shots through spectator when I'm dead, and they see the same when they're dead, but the opposing player does not take damage. My teammates and I have less than 20ms to the server, L-A-vir, with little to no packet loss.

The M416 fires 1 bullet every 0.086s, or 86ms. It shouldn't take more than the time between shots for the server to respond, yet time and time again I see multiple hits (blood splatter), but the shots don't register. The server is receiving the hits, because my teammate and I see blood splatter and bullet wound decals while spectating. For some reason, the server is not applying damage to the opposing players.

According to whackyjacky101's and Battle(non)sense's tests, the person who's shots make it to the server first should win the fight. Hit registration is also client sided, given that the server received the hits while the player is still alive. Obviously not the case from myself and main group of friends.

In Battle(non)sense's latest PUBG related

, the in-game network stats are not correct. The packet loss display was supposedly fixed, but I didn't see anything in previous patch notes about ping. He also states that the servers run at 30 ticks per second, or 33ms between updates. When comparing the M416 firerate, this means there should be at least 2 updates between shots fired, enough time to process the hit.

To confirm this, here's a previous video showing a max of 80ms for damage latency between two players. Maybe the ping is significantly higher than what is shown in game currently.

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I have troubleshooted my own network. I have 1GB LAN, 35 up/200 down WAN. I get A+ rating for buffer bloat on I also get low jitter on other sites. Tested in multiple browsers including Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Edge. In game, I have under 20ms most of the time, with 0% packet loss after parachuting. Pinging the server IP I have under 20ms. Looting and opening doors has little to no latency, so hit registration should be similar, but it's clearly not.

So what is going on? Servers not updating every tick? Hidden packet loss? Lag compensation? The real server location is not L-A-vir (Virginia)?

Only difference between the two Youtuber's test and my gameplay is they were testing in custom matches, while I'm playing on matchmaking. Maybe custom matches don't use lag compensation to reduce server load? Whatever it is, it's frustrating to know you should have downed the other player, only to be greeted with "Better luck next time."


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