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So, about PUBG Lite…

Content of the article: "So, about PUBG Lite…"

At first, I thought it is a joke. Like, what is this? PUBG FOR BABIES? This seriously can't be worth my time but hey it's only 4ish GB so let us load it up no biggie. EXCEPT THE DOWNLOAD, FOR GOD KNOWS WHY, MOVES AT 10% OF MY REGULAR DOWNLOAD SPEED AND NOTHING COULD BE DONE TO FIX IT. Phew, finally got it

What? I need to create a separate account? Fair enough I guess, I'll just use Google accounts – NOPE, Google has disabled logging in on embedded browsers. Classic PUBG Corp., shouldn't have been as surprised as I was, mostly rolling on the floor on how hilarious it was. Okay, I'll create an account using my email and let chrome roll me a password.

HA, I'm such a fool! I fully expected PUBG Lite to let me save my credentials, instead I am currently stuck copy&pasting my DAflskjflkasj12!23"c212! of a password from my chrome saved credentials to the client every time I want to play pubg! Okay, we got in… aaaand it boots to a wrong window. Every. Single. Time. Nothing lets me change this. I am yet to try setting shortcut options but I highly doubt it will do much as the shortcut launches the launcher which in turn launches the game.

Okay, okay we are in the lobby now. Great, lets play some Erangel. Safe choice for a boomer-PUBGer like me, following the rise and fall of the greates VICTORY ROYALE game of all time. Aaaaand we've been in queue for 5 mins on Erangel only (EU). Okay, fine, quick match, average waiting time 8s. Click ready… BOOM match loads – INTO ERANGEL (confused Jackie Chan).

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Nice, the game does not hang in the loading screen forever, and constant 144fps is very nice. Occasional dips here and there in silly situations but that's okay for PUBG isn't it?

Now, the shit gets intense. First few games are high kills and from about 15ish matches we got two dinners. SWEET. The game actually seems to run far better than it's big brother, even if the fps aren't problem there either. The controls are snappier. The firefights seem to go as intended instead of some black magic voodoo fuckery deciding who gets to clip through the bullets this fight. Only downside is that the game looks like ass, but I am honestly willing to trade that for seemingly better performance on the mechanics of the game.

TL;DR Try PUBG Lite, it might actually be enjoyable experience.


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