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So that’s why PUBG is constantly losing players for 3 years now

I have been a very passionate PUBG player since the closed beta back in 2017. I really thought this could be the MP game I'd like the most. A much better "H1Z1" with Arma / DayZ vibes.

So it started really rough – the game was laggy and buggy as hell – as some of you might remember. But I tried to stay patient – and it really got a better and better over time.

The developers added more maps – and it seemed to get a really good "competitive" online MP game.

But then, well.. there have been some really weird developer decisions IMHO. I can't remember all the evolutions of it, but I am talking about the map selection. At first you have been able to choose either one map to play – or "quick play" which got you onto a random map.
At some point you could choose mulitple maps and then was selected for you randomly I think.
Still quite okay if you are able to select a small pool of maps, like 2-3, and don't have to play maps you don't like over and over again. Very similar to how CS:GO does it.

I had some breaks from PUBG for multiple weeks / months. But it wasn't about the game, more that I burned a little out of it and played other games. But after some time I always came back to it.
Just like last year and it was fun for some time – I also got the battlepass, even though it wasn't really "worth it" in my opinion.

I played a lot with friends for about 3 months – then stopped again. There have been at first rumors and then facts that they want to fill up empty lobbies with bots. Me and my friends did not like the idea very much – but I thought if they really have to do this to fill lobbies in an acceptable time span, then well, we'll have to deal with bots I guess.

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But I still did not play the game until one week ago. And I have been really really stunned by the very poor production- and development decisions about map selection and bots.

Correct me if I am wrong, but AFAIK there are all the "old" maps in one map pool and "Haven". So you can only decide between the map pool and the new map,
So me and my friends don't really like the new map – I guess it's just a matter of taste – and most of us don't like "Miramar" – also just a matter of taste.

When we queue up as a squad we sometimes get "Miramar" 3-4 times in a row – and most of the time we dodge it, till we get one of the other 4 "old" maps.
It's a bit annoying, but I thought "well, as long as we can at least doge maps we don't like.."..
But then – after you dodge (right at the start, before even getting on the plane) a couple of times, the games warns you about losing reputation.
Uhmm. what? We just play "normal" games atm – and there was no problem dodging maps before, I think. As long as you dodged before the timer ran out, everything was fine – and it didn't count as a leave or loss or something.
But now the game wants to force me to play a map I really don't like – and otherwise .. I don't know, ban me? TBH I really don't know what happens when the "reputation" goes down all the way to zero.. but the information which appears when you dodge a couple of times sounds like you are getting banned for some time if your reputation goes all the way down.

I am really really annoyed by such poor development decisions. We got bots to fill up the lobbies now – but we can't still (or no longer) decide which map we want to play? And I am talking about normal games now, because I don't know how ranked games work atm.
So I wanna to have fun with my friends – there are four maps we all like. Four out of the six maps that exist right now. And we are not allowed to decide which map(s) we want to or don't want to play? Are you freaking serious?

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My understanding of a video game is that you should have fun playing it. Playing with friends is even better – but forcing players to play maps they just don't like is so stupid, imho. And in combination with those bots which are primarily there to fill up lobbies, it's even much more stupid.

For me and my friends and I guess for a lot of other people it would be okay to wait around 5 minutes to play the map we want to play. Or at least remove 1-2 maps out of the map pool.
But there is no such option. There could just be the option to choose 1-2 maps to play, with a note that you probably have to wait a few minutes until you find a match. Absolutely no problem for me, my friends and a lot of other players, I guess. But there is no such option.

I guess we'll just dodge maps we don't like over and over again – and see what happens. If I really get "banned" for that then I think I am done with the game.

TLDR: PUBG introduced bots to fill up lobbies but at the same time removes all options to choose which map(s) you want to play. They even seem to force you to not dodge maps you don't like with their "new" reputation system. IMHO the most important part of video games is to provide fun to the people which play them. But it's not fun being forced to play maps you don't like to play.

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PS: There was a another point I want to mention – you still can't see the damage you have done after a match. There's just those damage points which they changed a lot of times and which are different for every mode, I think. Is it really that hard to show us the damage we have dealt directly after the match?


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