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So, the Anti-Cheat works pretty well these days

Content of the article: "So, the Anti-Cheat works pretty well these days"


since it is against the rules (is it?) to post "proof" of cheaters i won't – but i need to rant a bit, since i'm really pissed

me and my buddy just got shredded buy in Duo FFP by 2 guys with new accounts – one plays since 4 weeks (lets call him Veteran), the other one since 3 weeks (call him noob)

i watched the replay since it was a bit fishy – Veteran and Noob knew exactly where everybody was and if they saw someone, the spammed their mini 14 mags right on point – at this time their names popped up very often in the kill feed and i decided to stay completely out of sight and dont make move, didn't even touch my mouse – yet, they somehow found me

Noob startet shooting though a solid 5 meter ridge at me (sill no movement) and decided it would be a good idea to kill a few other peeps in the meantime), after that Veteran runs over an open field to me, 100 right at my location peeks over and finishes me with a headshot burst from his m416

meanwhile Noobrushes to a warehouse where he knows, that 2 people are hiding – he spams everything with smokes and throws a flash which blinded himself – as soon as the flash goes of, one of the guys starts attacking him but he – while blinded and inside a few smokes, starts shooting pinpoint accurate hipfire at the other guy knocks and finishes him off – lucky one might thing but no, in the replay you can see that his crosshair is glued on the target and he prefires him throug the wall, manages to find the door (still blinded) and hits and finishes a target he can't hear or see

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then Veteran comes by and finishes the other guy for the chicken dinner, with perfectly accurate tracking of the target

i laughed so hard, when that Noob cheater bastard died due to his own stupididy

after watching the replay i checked OP.GG – veteran has KD over 16, Noob is at sad 7,5 (KDA over 10) – they have a winrate of 50 and 45,5 %

they both have multiple winstreaks of 5 consecutive chicken dinners

how on earth is this not detectable by an automatic system?

  • if player KD > 10 look into this
  • if Player wins 3+ chicken dinners in a row -> look into this
  • if player has 25 % win rate -> look into this

PUBG Corp, do you even try building an anti cheat system?


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