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Some genuinely fair pieces of advice for pubgm:

Content of the article: "Some genuinely fair pieces of advice for pubgm:"

1.Make unranked classic permanent: I swear what will it take for you to add this? I imagine it won't be that hard, considering its currently in the game, you only have to make it permanent.

I can't emphasize enough when I want to play in squads, solo or duos, and want to hotdrop with my friends, without the risk of getting my rank deducted. Or just a stress free environment and gameplay for that matter.

2.Balance the loot: Novo is kinda fine, but georgopol was completely butchered by the devs. I swear I've died naked without any gun even after looting a whole cluster of crates in georgo, so basically the hot drop is for nothing. Even pochinki is kind of the same, but you can actually survive it with the loot you have there while hot dropping.

  1. Balance the economy: From what I can tell, the whole point of the guncraft section was to make gun cosmetics available to f2p players, but even that is riddled with the greedy lucky draw system.

Make those paint things grindable, idc how hard it is, it feels nice when you get something you actually earned.

Moreover, add some new stuff to the silver fragments section. And take some time optimising the game instead of pumping skins and outfits.

4.Optimise the game well: please check this sub more often and try to fix the glitches and bugs.

For example: the mic glitch, it's been close to half a year since me and my friends have been experiencing this bug. We don't have time to restart the game every 1 or 2 matches, sometimes it even fucks up the whole match.

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Secondly, there also a bug where after I land on the ground, my player just leans forward and start hovering in that direction without anything rendered. This also messes up when we're landing in military base or in novo.

5.This one isn't anything necessarily important but: if possible add the ranked tdm mode again with more grindables. Also please fix the matching time for tdm.


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