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Some not-so-good things you should consider dropping this season

Content of the article: "Some not-so-good things you should consider dropping this season"

Not using cover when shooting: there are different types of cover: rocks, ridges, vehicles, trees etc. Always use cover when attacking. Never attack if you don't have hard cover.

Not using vehicles in larger maps: Erangel, Miramar and to a lesser extent, Vikendi are designed for vehicle use. Proper use of vehicles makes things easier. Not only do you move faster, you can use them as cover.

Using ARs in close range: ARs are very popular in the game due to their versatility over close, mid and long range, but besides Groza which is really an SMG that grew up, ARs are designed for mid range fights. An SMG user will beat any AR user (Groza inclusive) of equal skill at 0-25m. Unless you have no choice, use an SMG or a shotgun in close range.

Improper scope use: first and foremost, you shouldn't use scope below 15m. Hip fire is faster and let's you react better to enemy movement. Secondly, scopes are designed for quick accurate bursts (ask any real life soldier). This means doing long sprays with scope while common is not good technique. The right way to use a scope is to place the crosshair around the target, open scope, adjust for head shot, shoot 3-5 shots ( which is usually enough to kill), close scope, repeat. This implies that having very high sensitivity in your scope is not really necessary and causes inaccuaracy. No scope sensitivity can be as high as possible, but scope sensitivity should just be high enough for decent recoil control

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Shooting before you placing crosshair: this is the primary cause of death in the game. Spend a few seconds to place crosshair on the target before shooting. If you lose the target, readjust then shoot. Shooting first the placing the crosshair is hard due to recoil. This doesn't apply to pre firing, however.

Not using throwables: nothing to say here. You should be using throwables

Fixation with headshot: headshots end fights quickly, but in many cases especially with a moving target, it's not convenient and taking body shots is better. If you can take the headshot, do take it, but if you can't, get a body shot

Impatience: rushing enemies before yuur squad is ready or from bad positions, trying to kill enemies in one burst etc are all as a result of impatience. Take your time when attacking enemies and win more fights


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