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Some tips for ‘Undercover Mode’ in metro.

Content of the article: "Some tips for ‘Undercover Mode’ in metro."

Okay so I look forward to playing metro after playing Classic a good way to end a gaming session. Tonight I sorted out all my inventory, bought gifts for the ncp helpers, checked over the missions then got ready to play.

I selected 'Undercover Mode' as I have played it a few times and really like it. You can select it in the Map selection area.I'm not an expert but here are some key points to help anybody playing this mode for perhaps the first few times (I learned a lot of this from other redditers on a previous post I made.)

. You need a card to play this mode I believe; I think I looted several on the 1st map in farmhouses and other random places, maybe you can also buy them.

. You and your Squad are all undercover, they have green icons next to their name in the HUD.

. If your team-mate has a red icon it means they have lost their cover and engaged bandits or a boss on a firefight.

. Your Undercover status comes back if you lay low.

. I didn't understand this mode at 1st and panned a bandit, all the bandits in the cavern turned on me and I just about got out alive, they did have cash in their crates and some loot but it probably wasn't worth it.

.So what to do, head to the bases with your team and just loot to your heart's content, the computer players and boss will just leave you alone unless you fire at them.

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.Your other goal is to take out any human players or squads from other teams.

.You enter this mode with just an AR that is provided for you so you will only loose the loot you gathered in that match if you die.

.Loot up and explore the Map and then get to the Evac/Extraction point before the timer runs out.

I played today and my team-mates headed straight for the Fortress, I started walking around unchallenged by the NCP's and Boss Just looting crates. One of my teammates then started trying to headshot the boss and take on all the bandits.

I was typing away trying to explain to the team-mate that they just had to retreat and lay low to get their Undercover back as I don't do voicechat at night but they just carried on and another player joined in the firefight too.Sad thing was one got killed and the other knocked, when I tried to revive the team-mate I lost my undercover status and the boss and bandits all tried to attack me ; I escaped with a slither of HP.

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I ran to the Evac and went back to the lobby, we were only 6 minutes or so into the game as well so this was quite sad – still I had looted well and earned we good cash. I felt sorry for my team-mates but they should have a) not engaged the NCPs and just looted or b) picked off all the bandits 1st before trying to fight the Boss – Either these players just wanted the special loot you get from killing a boss or they just didn't understand the whole concept of 'Undercover Mode'.

Hope some of that helps, please add on anything that I have missed. .


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