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Special Drops – ‘Sonny’ Son Heung-Min Event

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Hello Survivors!

Did you know that Son Heung-min is a huge PUBG fan?

To celebrate the collaboration between PUBG and world-famous soccer player Son Heung-min, we're running a special in-game event for you to win a Son Heung-min Level 3 helmet skin.

Five lucky players will win a real-life level 3 helmet signed by Son Heung-min himself! Read on for full event details, including how to participate and win.

Event Missions

Open the event page by clicking the care package icon at the top right of the screen and click join to participate in the Sonny Collaboration event.

Complete Son Heung-min missions to earn and exchange points for your desired rewards.

Mission TitleMission DescriptionPoints
SurviveSurvive 30 minutes in a single match. Survival time includes time spent spectating your teammates.20
Loot a Level 2 HelmetLoot a Level 2 Helmet.20
Top 20Reach top 20.25
Top 10Reach top 10.35

Event Schedule

Don't miss out on the PUBG x Sonny collaboration. Drop in, complete missions and earn rewards!

PC & Console

PDT: July 21, 0 AM – August 3, 0 AM

CEST: July 21, 9 AM – August 3, 9 AM

KST: July 21, 4 PM – August 3, 4 PM

Event Rewards

That's one of the real-life level 3 helmets signed by Sonny and it could be yours!

Points earned throughout the event can be exchanged for in-game rewards and must be used before the event ends.

ItemSon Heung-min – Helmet (Level 3)Contraband coupon x10ContrabandContraband

Additional Community Event: Lucky "Sonny"

Five lucky winners will be selected to win a real-life Sonny level 3 helmet, as pictured above. Winners will be announced August 5 via and regional social platforms. Four winners will be selected from Console and Steam, with the final winner being selected on Kakao.

Have fun, enjoy the event and see you on the Battlegrounds!


Where do I find the Event Page?

  • Access the event page by clicking the Care Package icon at the top right corner of the main lobby screen.

  • Push notifications are also sent via the notification center.

Event Points

  • Points acquired from each event will expire once the event period ends.
  • Don't forget to use up all your points prior to the event's end!


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