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Tactics to learn and practice, When we know that a hacker is in your game.

Content of the article: "Tactics to learn and practice, When we know that a hacker is in your game."


I am a solo-queue Asia player with over 100 games completed in the current season. My in-game handle is snowbreezer10.

I would like to discuss some tactics which can be used when we know that a malicious hacker is in the game and getting an early death puts you behind by 3-4 games at least.
So I would like to share some ways wherein I try to survive as long as possible so that I don't get a minus in points at least.

These are the tactics that I use.

WEAPON CHOICE – It is imperative that you carry a 7.62 auto weapon against a hacker. You just cannot cope with them using a 5.56 rifle. In case you want to carry an m416, use it for medium and far range sprays, But with a hacker in-game I highly discourage such sprays after the 3rd circle ends.

CLOSE RANGE FIGHTS ONLY – The probability of win a long-range fight is very less when you are fighting against a hacker. The only scenario where you can think of even peeking is if u either have an awm or you can safely third party him. Other than these two scenarios don't peek directly.

SAVING YOURSELF FROM GRENADES – I have seen hackers use godlike grenades due to esp.
What can be done in this scenario is during the initial looting stage do not pick any utility other than Molotovs. Keep spamming the stairs with molotovs so that he cannot push after he nades.

CHOKE POINTS – Try and use choke points like stairs. And even when u are on those stairs spray diagonally so that he runs into the spray without you exposing 100% of yourself.Dont take a direct angle to peek on the stairs. Your motive is to stop him from advancing up the stairs and not taking a direct fight because you will be head shotted.

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MAP SELECTION – I have been finding very less hackers when I play Miramar on non-event selection. (i.e no temple). This is for the Asia server.

I don't consider myself a good player or anything like that. I only try to improve myself at the game and try to control certain aspects that can be controlled.

I request like-minded players To share more tips and tricks which can be used when we know that a hacker is in your game killing people left and right so that at least for the greater good we can survive and conquer.

Thank you.


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