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TDM: What needs to change

tdm is a a great way to practice and improve and a learning ground for new players, but there are lots of issues in my opinion that should be changed, some may disagree with some of my suggestions. for reference i play a lot of tdm, a lot having played 100s if not 1000 games.

Guns: people should be able to choose all none airdrop guns with any attachments, as a half grip user its annoying to have to practice with a vert, and not being able to use beryl and other Ar's is very frustrating. Saying that all guns should be allowed to be chosen, i think that shotguns should be removed, they are dumb and ruin tdm for everyone imo. Some may disagree with this however dying to some guy proning in a room with a dbs is not practice.

Matchmaking: this is probably the most controversial point ill make, but as a decent player 350-400 adr, its pointless playing against people who can barely play the game. Since tdm queue times are very short, i would like to see soft mmr tdm, so to an extent, better players will be playing better players, this is better for everyone, better players can practice and improve against good players, and worse players wont just be getting destroyed all the time. What would this be based on you ask, probably from adr and kd in normal matches or some kind of basic elo system in tdm. Although this would be harder to implement imo it would drastically improve peoples experience.

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Weather: get rid of fog

Golden time: golden time is crazy long, and should be drastically shortened, and or stopped when you ads, not shoot, otherwise being in golden time is a massive advantage and really annoying to play against.

Maps: even though some of the maps are good imo (sanhok crates, miramar, stalber) some are just horrible and completely one sided, especially the erangel plane map. It wouldn't be to hard to add an in game survey that asks players to rank which tdm map is they're most to least favourite. And them based on this feedback add or remove maps. speaking of what maps are better imo, i think cqc maps are better, and they shouldn't have pointless and annoying clutter around (fences on vikendi map) and as they're lots of people in a small area, its important that the area runs well and the fps isn't terrible. I personally wouldn't mind seeing dedicated deathmatch maps which are designed well and run well, as they dont need to render in the rest of the map. Even though people may say resources are better placed in other areas, i think this would be a worthwhile investment.

Anti camp: nobody likes players that sit in buildings all game, a simple system that encourages players to move around, and if they dont, takes 10 health off a second suppose, would encourage more aggressive and enjoyable game play, and make some positions less op.

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Spawns: it is so frustrating at the start of a round when you get stuck on your teammates, especially with the recent team collision changes which mean you bounce off them, why not spread out the spawns further apart to avoid this. Spawns should also not be insight of each other (erangel plane).

Ammo: increase the amount of ammo you carry, its very illustrating when you run out of ammo, and although you may say that this is a good anti camp defence, the previously mentioned system would solve this.

Kill banners: the big things that appear to show first kill of the game are annoying and get in the way, either remove them or make them smaller and put them to the side

Reporting: having come across a number of hackers and people with offensive usernames on my own team, and since you cannot watch replays of tdm, you should be able to report all players not only those on the other team.

rewards: currently tdm is not included in any missions or in any way with the main game. I would love to see more missions and rewards come from tdm.


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