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Temp Bans Are Getting Out of Hand!!

Content of the article: "Temp Bans Are Getting Out of Hand!!"

PUBG/Bluehole already has an issue of retaining players, but these temp bans are an absolute joke. How can the company have such a flawed and messed up system that it allows players to constantly receive temporary bans without offering any sort of compensation for it?

From my own experience, I have been receiving temporary bans once a week since July. I waited for my most recent temp ban + a couple days of avoiding PUBG, played 6 games with my friend, and then I went to go do something else. I wake up this morning to no surprise to find I'm banned again. This is not a "please unban me PUBG" post, but a question or discussion as to what could possibly be done to avoid this. I know there are popular streamers, and not so popular streamers, who have been able to revoke their bans almost immediately by paging staff members such as Hawkinz in the past. However, people who don't stream or aren't well-known by the community have no way of defending themselves. Especially when the support staff at Bluehole only send copy/paste responses to all their support tickets regarding this topic.

I propose if a player receives a temporary ban, the individual account receives the temporary ban. Sure, that's fine. However, please do an actual inspection into the account. If the account is found guilty, permanently ban and get rid of it! If the account is found innocent, place it on a "white list" of some sort to prevent it from being banned for a period of time. Allow people to provide proof that gets reviewed as well. Recently, I have been streaming the game every time I play so when I have "suspicious gameplay" it gets recorded live. If you combine the live gameplay with the spectator's cam, I don't think it's hard to find out if someone's cheating or not.

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Either way, I don't think most people get banned as frequently as I've been this season, but I do know from the number of times I've posted about this topic that there are a number of people dealing with the same situation. It's simply not fair/there is no excuse to be banned/unable to play (maintenance/real world issues/etc.) more days this season than there have been actual days in the season itself. Please fix the temporary bans or I'll have to post this again next week.


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