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@Tencent, did you give us the correct patch? There are several things missing in the game that were supposed to be in the patch

Content of the article: "@Tencent, did you give us the correct patch? There are several things missing in the game that were supposed to be in the patch"

I'm gonna post below some of the things that are missing, straight from their patch notes (

New firearm: M1014 Only appears on Livik on the Classic Battle Royale Map and Arena, along with other shotguns.

This is in the game, but it's bugged in Arena. If you bring the M1014 to Domination, the game gives you 0 bullets. Maybe it happens in other maps too. Also, the M1014 doesn't appear in the inventory menu.

Payload Mode is back with all-new improvements!

I know it's coming soon, but the game is still giving us daily quests for it as if it were already implemented

Fully upgraded technology solutions, and added a penalty strategy to target the newest plug-ins/cheaters.

Lol people were cheating on day 1

Improved ease of switching between actions in mobile mode.

The glitches where weapon swaps don't work, and where reloads are randomly invisible, etc, are still in the game

Most cellphone models can now support 90 FPS

There are several builds that can support 120hz, but aren't given a 90fps option. Define what "most" means

Made improvements to target a lag issue that is triggered the first time a player hits another player in battle.

I didn't know this was a bug until yesterday, where my game dropped frames like crazy during my first few fights. The game also drops frames if you play for about an hour without restarting the game. Lag is worse, basically

Tommy Gun Slightly faster rate of fire and added a Scope guide. This weapon can be equipped with a Red Dot Sight or Holographic Sight.

This is in the game, but they forgot to enable the slot in Arena loadouts. We can manually put an extra scope onto the Tommy gun in-game, but the slot isn't available in the loadout menu. Also, the in-game stats listed for the Tommy gun were not updated. Lastly, war mode doesn't give you a scope with the Tommy gun (nor with the Uzi)

Read:  New Era, new anti cheat system, ip bans, new in game video review. What a fing joke.

UMP45 Slightly higher damage, rate of fire, bullet speed

I'm 90% sure this is NOT implemented. The UMP feels just as awful as it did before. Also, the in-game stat window for this weapon wasn't changed either.

Use of Med Kits only end when the control is pushed into the sprint position.

It's always been like this, was there some other change?

Gyroscope is now also applied when using throwables.

Literally not in the game according to some people on the forums

Improved the sliding action in Arena so that players can change the direction of sliding based on the direction they are moving when they slide.

This only applies to the start of the slide. We can't influence it mid-slide anymore. Not sure if this is a glitch or a removed feature

There are now separate settings for Lobby and Combat graphics.


The game lobby has been updated to improve controls …

Controls have been removed altogether. We can no longer access our full friends list. Previous menu items are now hidden in the player lobby, with no indication at all of buttons existing (such as finding "last online," match history, closets, etc). Sending out BP to friends is tedious because the list resets after each gift (which can be fixed by just giving us back the menu). Many other issues exist.

Improvements to existing systems: in-game functions, including the mode selection interface, friends interface, sharing interface and RP, will be restructured for a better experience.

Friends list is literally gone. Mode selection is currently bugged, and not displaying messages for game modes that are currently out of rotation (for example, I can click War mode right now, click okay, and the game resets the list, because War mode is actually unavailable rn, but the game doesn't say it)

Read:  Returning player, questions about FPS/settings etc.

In conclusion, I genuinely think they gave us the wrong update. Maybe this is a previous beta build or something. But I'm finding it hard to believe that there's so much cut/questionable content, and that they didn't bother rewriting the patch notes. The types of bugs and incomplete content in the game couldn't have ever passed any QA testing, leading me to believe they actually gave us the wrong patch


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