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The Best Gun Combo For Solo vs Squad…

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Beryl M762 and M24.

Beryl is in my opinion the best non airdrop AR. The reason why I prefer Beryl instead of M416 especially in this combo is because of its sheer power in cqc (close quarter combat). M416 might be a beast in mid-to-long range fights, but in 0-50 metre combats, most Smg's and .762 AR's will outperform it.

Here are some things to keep in mind about the M762:

  1. Don't be scared of the recoil! Beryl might have considerably more vertical and horizontal recoil than M416, but who says that you have to use it like the M4? Tapping with the Beryl is a great way to engage in mid-and-long range fights as it has the same damage as Mini14.
  2. Carry extra grips. Beryl can function as a close range beast or almost as a DMR. Using the right grips is vital for the weapon to perform. Laser sight and the thumb grip are the best ones for close range encounters. Laser sight will improve hip firing by around 30% and the thumb grip will improve ADS and reduce a small amount of recoil.For mid and long range, use the light, vertical or half grip depending on you preferences. All of them works fine. However the angled grip is almost useless on this gun for some reason.
  3. The optimal scopes. This mostly depends on the users preferences. For mid-and- long range, the 6x is the best choice. It offers versatility as you can zoom in for precise, long range shots, or zoom out, for mid range fights. 4x however, is not a great choice. The reason I don't use the 4x on beryl is because of the inaccurate, round crosshair.2x and red dot are the best scopes for cqc. The best sensitivity for 2x is just a bit lower than the red dot, depending on you preferences. 3x is also good, but sometimes it has "too much" zoom. Holo scope is not great either because of how fat the scope itself is.
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The best non airdrop weapon for long range fights. One shot on the head, and boom, your enemy is down.

Best attachments: Muzzle: supressor/flash hider

Scope: The highest zoom that you can find

Mag: If you can't find ext-quickdraw then extended.

Stock: Cheek pad

I hope you found this helpful.

I spent a lot of time on this 🙂


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