PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

The game keeps putting me into lobbies with 80% bots since the patch in EU Solo FPP


Background: I've been playing on and off since Early Access, took a prolonged break since last summer and returned a week before the latest patch got released to get back into groove. I could jump into Solo FPP at pretty much any time of day before the patch and wouldn't get a lot of bots in the lobby (again, this is EU we are talking about).

Issue: Since the patch got released, I can play a couple of games in Solo FPP (it was three games in 3 out 4 days since patch release and once seven games) without any bots. After that, I can only queue into lobbies that have approx. 80% bots (according to pubg lookup). This will stay that way until the next day, where it resets and I can play three games again before I'm stuck in bot queue again. Dodging queues won't help. The timer always starts when there are 15 to 20 players in the lobby and the rest will be filled with bots. Now here is the weird thing: This only affects Solo FPP and 1-Man-Squad FPP. In 1-Man-Squads it's always at around 40% bots and in Solo FPP it's always around 80%.


  • I verified my game files
  • I uninstalled and re-installed the game
  • I contacted PUBG support and only got a PR response saying that bots are there to fill up a low matchmaking pool, although I know for a fact that the matchmaking pool isn't too low in EU because
  • I made an alt-account to try it and I could queue into normal games until I reached the three game threshold and the same problem started again
  • I used a VPN to connect to Asian servers to see, if the problem exists there as well and there I can play just fine (except for the high ping obviously)
  • I filed a bug report in the official discord and got ignored

Screenshots: Here is a screenshot of my last ten games in Solo FPP, it hasn't fully updated yet so the last three games in Asia are missing:

The first dip are the first three games today before it suddenly jumped back to ~80% bots. The second dip is when I changed to Asian servers.

This is a screenshot of the first day after the patch:

This is a screenshot of the second day after the patch, notice the difference between Solo FPP and the other modes:

Thoughts: First of all, as already mentioned, this didn't happen before the patch. I personally believe that the game categorises me as a new player all of a sudden because my Survival Mastery Level is only at 115 besides having played around 700 hours since Early Access. I would just want that someone at PUBG acknowledges this as a problem and that this gains some traction because as it stands now, I won't play for long if this doesn't stop happening. I know for certain that there are a few other players affected by this, but it doesn't seem to affect many because I checked several accounts on pubg lookup and none of them seemed to have this issue.

Edit: One thing I forgot to mention is that this is on PC.


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