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The new pass is horrific. We have lost out on a significant source of XP with nothing replacing it.

Content of the article: "The new pass is horrific. We have lost out on a significant source of XP with nothing replacing it."

TL:DR, we have lost out on 185000xp worth of missions with only an increase to the daily xp limit as a substitute. The time it will take you to make up for that lack of XP in the daily limit is 154.166666667 hours of gameplay. Onwards is the breakdown of how I got to these numbers.

Evidence for XP loss

Why have you removed progression missions and beginner missions and not replaced them with anything? This maybe some people people glanced over (myself included), but just to point our how much loss of XP that is, it's 18 and a half tiers. For progression:

you had 3 different tabs worth of missions containing 8 different mission last season. Each ascending in 1k worth of xp. There were 3 of these which together added up to 108000xp which is nearly 11 tiers. 1/10th of the pass.f

You also had a milestone tab in this.

These were ones you got for completing x number of challenges usually. So completing all your weeklies for the pass got you 12k xp. completing half of them got you 6k ect. These too are gone which is a total of 67000 xp. Nearly 7 tiers.

Then you had beginner missions

These were extremely easy and net you 10k XP or 1 tier.

Seasons missions were reduced too but Idk how much xp the latter 2 were worth so am ignoring them for the sake of accuracy.


So in total, you have removed 185000xp worth of missions which is 18 and a half tiers worth replacing them with nothing. The only change you did was increase our daily XP gain for just playing the the game for 1 day to 7000xp from 2000xp. This sounds fine, but first this isn't even a single tier. Second, I have never hit the XP limit daily before in my life in the prior passes because you get such a piss poor amount. It is to be 200xp for every 10 minutes no matter your kills or anything (I have checked. I went into a match for 10 minutes long, in that time killed 2 players not ai then blew myself up with a grenade netting exactly 200xp). So to get the full 7k for a daily, you'll be playing 5.83333333333 hours in 1 day and thats without downtime like waiting for matches, sitting in the lobby ect. So to match the XP we loose from losing all the missions, it will only take you 154.166666667 hours of gameplay. Are you kidding me?

Read:  @Tencent because you can’t handle the situation I wanted to help a bit!

Calculations: 200xp per 10 mins so 1200 for 1 hour. 7000/1200 gives you the hours of 5.83333333333. To overall, hours per day times by the (total xp loss/daily limit). Respectively is (7000/1200)*(185000/7000) = 154.166666667 hours.

Can you guys not grasp the concept of a decent pass? Every pass except the last one you did have had this exact issue where it's so insanely grindy it isn't worth doing. Last pass was still grindier than any other pass in games, but it was atleast feasible. Doing every mission with the exception of the max daily missions since I only did about 180 of the 256 odd I managed to get to tier 95 of which I bought the last 5 tiers because I felt it was on me for slacking on the dailies for the beginning bit of the pass. But this pass is disgustingly grindy. Actually getting to level 100 is going to be basically impossible for any normal person. If you actually increased the amount of XP we gain for completing dailies and weeklies to match the loss it would be fine, but just removing so much and replacing it with nothing is unacceptable IMO.

We pay to get the game more than any other BR out there. We pay to get the pass with no way to get the next pass discounted or anything from doing this pass like every other pass out there. Then we have to grind the most to get the tier 100 from the pass by a significant margin.

All photos of the prior pass I gained from this persons youtube video

Thank you.


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