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The PUBG MOBILE Video Review Station Is About to Launch

Content of the article: "The PUBG MOBILE Video Review Station Is About to Launch"

Dear Players:

The PUBG MOBILE team has always been committed to providing our players with a fair and healthy gaming environment. We know how important this is to our community, and we want to prove to everyone it’s just important to us. We’d like to announce that we’ll be releasing a new feature soon that will further enhance our abilities to remove hackers from PUBG MOBILE – The Video Review Station.

The Video Review Station is part of an anti-cheating system where players review video footage and determine if there is any rule-breaking taking place. The system is very similar to what other competitive games have/are doing, such as League of Legends in the past and Counter-Strike Global Offensive, in order to work directly with the community to expedite investigations and remove hackers. In the case of which the majority of players find a clip containing content in violation of the rules, the case will undergo an official review. The inspection process is as follows:

1. A player is reported for suspicious activity by the community or in-game.

2. A battle replay video is generated from the suspicious player's perspective.

3. The video is randomly distributed to multiple player investigators.

4. Investigators analyze the video.

5. A majority confirm that the video contains a violation.

6. The official team reviews the violation.

7. The cheating player is penalized.

This entire system is focused on listening to your feedback and taking actions based on everyone’s reports and findings. By working together, we can not only crack down on cheaters in PUBG MOBILE more efficiently but also work towards creating a true fair environment for everyone.. The Video Review Station is currently going through testing and is scheduled for launch in early September. When we have more info on the feature and when it will be available we’ll be sure to let everyone know.

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We want to thank everyone again for your passion for PUBG MOBILE and all of the reports that you’ve been sending us in-game and on social media. We’re really looking forward to not only working more closely with all of you but for the future of PUBG MOBILE.



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