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The Super Black Eagle: A Care Package Slug Shotgun

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Just a little idea I've had in my back pocket for quite some time. A lot of us remember when the DBS was a package shotgun, and many really disliked it, specifically because it was underwhelming in practice, but an interesting concept. This, I hope, gives something to consider.

The Super Black Eagle, based off the Benelli shotgun of the same name, would be semi-automatic with a much higher range than other shotguns. The reason for this is because it takes slug shells, but this does no mean that it would be without flaw.

Due to the nature of the action, the SBE has a fairly high maximum rate of fire, very closely resembling the ROF of the S12K. However, with this comes the recoil associated with the ammunition, the slug shell. While the recoil is drastically less than, say, the S12K, what slaps it in the back is it's aim recovery. Firing multiple slugs in quick succession isn't really what the shotgun is intended for, inside PUBG. Your accuracy will suffer dramatically.

Overall, the shotgun features slightly lower damage than the other shotguns, and at the cost of firing only 1 projectile, meaning that even though it's overall accuracy is higher than the other shotguns, you can still miss at ranges beyond 50 meters at a standstill. The projectile is heavy, and relatively slow, meaning it's better for closer range encounters, but has enough range that it's overall output is still devastating.

The ammunition would be represented by blue shells in the inventory, weigh probably 1.35 capacity each, and come with 30 shells in the package. The shotgun, while unable to take chokes because chokes generally do not work with slugs, is able to have bullet loops and, much unlike half the other shotguns, is able to take up to a 6x scope. It's crosshairs are much tighter than the other shotguns, because the spread is lower (but remember to keep in mind you only shoot 1 projectile), and will probably look more like an X of some sort.

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The reload is about the same as the 1987, so no real frills there. Unsurprisingly, it can take out vehicle wheels in a single shot, but this would be a waste of ammo in most cases.

The goal with this shotgun is to have something that has a very high potential to punch through, and directly kill, most players in a single shot. Mathematically, a normal S686 at point-blank fires 9 26-damage pellets, equaling out to 234 damage. With a level 3 military vest, that's still a kill at 105 damage. At range, that's even less, meaning a level 3 can survive potentially. With the SBE, a shot to the chest at would do around 101 damage to a level 3 military vest at point blank, and up to around 50 meters should you actually hit with it. Very powerful, but also hard to learn with moving targets.


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